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August 23, 2008



About a week ago I finally got out and did my first ever sprint triathlon (insert loud thunderous applause).  I did the Northeast Maryland Triathlon and I finished.

My friend Offie was doing it so I figured I might as well give it a shot.  The registration went very well.  How could it not?  I just had to hand someone my ID, get my packet and find my spot in the transition area.  Easy stuff.  Everyone seemed very serious with their pre-race jitters so the kids and I just screwed around and enjoyed the beauty of the bay, the local marina restaurant and the park where the race was being held. 

P8171941_2 At 4:45AM on race day I was not too happy about doing the tri.  Why, you ask?  Leg cramps, dehydration, fear?  Nope.  Just the pure hatred for getting out of bed in the morning and better yet while its still dark.  I laid in my bed wondering how triathletes do it. 

I was at the transition area at 6:00am and finished setting up my stuff by 6:05am.  I still had an hour and ten minutes to hang out.  Note to self - don't get there so early next time. 

P8172024 Once I got in the bay to do my swim I was thrilled to be starting.  I was in the first-timers group and suddenly everyone turned into chatty Cathy.  Nerves of course.  Yes, I was a little nervous, so I just peed.  Doesn't everyone pee during the swim?  I would hate to add 2 minutes to my time just for using a porta-potty. 

The first transition was a learning experience.  I was sure I could get my cycling shorts on if I dried off my butt and legs.  Wrong.  I could barely get them on and as a result I was showing my butt for a good portion of the ride.  Overall, the ride was fun...but then onto running, my least favorite part.  Luckily it was at the end or I may have just bailed if I started out with running.

Sue_northeast_tri_finish_08_2 Finally (thank god) I finished and I did it in under 2 hours.  Overall I think I did OK.  My main goal was to finish and have fun along the way.  And yes, I had a lot of fun.  As I crossed the finish line I realized how much I really enjoyed the sound of the cow bell. 

Once we were done my friend Offie popped some champagne that we mixed with pomegranate liquor and we toasted to a great race.  This weekend I get to do the Irongirl in Columbia, MD.  I can't wait!


how awesome, you go girl! hope to see you now that school is back in session!!! keep it up!!!

Posted by: cheryl | Aug 25, 2008 3:50:28 PM

Hey Stinky,
Melissa and I are very proud of you! Who knows we may have a budding Ironwoman in the family. We also look forward to seeing you all soon ---
Uncle Tom

Posted by: Tom Carney | Aug 25, 2008 10:43:13 PM

Hi Susan,

You rock!

Hugs and Kisses,

Tim and Joni

Posted by: Tim and Joni | Aug 26, 2008 10:02:49 AM

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