Trek Women
August 28, 2008



The day I went to register for Iron Girl Columbia my left eye was itchy and swollen.  I had told my friend Diane that I was sure I had been bitten by a bug.  When I did the race the next day I noticed several bug bites on my face but just thought that maybe the same bug had bitten me several times.

Then it got worse and someone said to me, "Honey those aren't bug bites, you have poison ivy."  That was the just the beginning.  For the past four days I have watched puss filled itchy bumps appear all over my body.  The only place they appear in big clusters is on my face and my left eye is very swollen and looks as if I've been popped.

Last night I went to Patient First and got a shot and some steroids to take along with Benadryl.  Other that that I have been bathing in Benadryl gel.

So I'm headed to New Hampshire for a wedding this weekend and I'm hoping that my friends will still be able to recognize me.  I would have included a photo but I'd rather let you use your imagination. 

Lesson - Don't wait until the end of the summer to pull your weeds when they are 4ft. tall.  Maybe next time I'll wear a wet suit. 


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