Trek Women
August 9, 2008



Righteous Ross Rocks.  Say that three times fast please. 

For the first time ever, I had the pleasure of attending a Trek WSD Fit For Women Tour event with Ross and what an event it was!  We went to the Dorba's Women's Weekend in Dallas.   

Ross1_3 Ross is fun, friendly, funny and fabulous and she knows a ton about bikes.  She speaks to all riders with the same level of respect no matter what your level of riding seems to be.  Ross2 Now I can ask some pretty stupid questions and every time I did she just looked at me and sweetly answered them.  But inside I'm sure she was thinking "Come on Women Who Rides, you need to get your technical act together!"

Rufus3 She gave a great clinic on bike maintenance, did a spot on imitation of a plumber, put an interesting twist on wiffle ball and did some mean gymnastics in a pink tutu.  I learned so many things about her in such a short time.  I was a little bummed that I had to fly home and I couldn't continue on the road with her.  She's the type of girl that anyone would like to go on a road trip with. 

She's such a great girl that I'm now starting to feel guilty for taking part in the daily torturing of her Trek mascot "Rufus"...well I'm not feeling that bad.  Tee-hee


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