Trek Women
August 16, 2008



Last week I had the pleasure of attending Trek World 2008. This is a bike show that Trek puts on in Madison, Wisconsin for all of their dealers.  It is an opportunity for all the dealers to check out all of the new 2009 bikes and accessories.  Not only do they get to check out all of the 2009 merchandise BUT they also have the opportunity to demo all of the new bikes.

I had never been to Trek World before and to be perfectly honest, it blew me away.  The showroom was filled with so many one of a kind bikes as well as wheels, shoes, helmets, saddles, bags, clothes and accessories. 

Img00708 My favorite part of the show was all the Project One custom paint jobs.  Stacy C., one of the girls on the designer team designed my all time favorite bike.  I fell in love with it and tried to take it out of the showroom every night but security kept busting me.  Luckily I didn't get kicked out of the show completely.   

My secret wish is to have my Trek Madone 6.5 WSD painted with the Women Who Ride logo.  What would be more fitting than for a Women Who Rides to have a Women Who Ride logo on her bike?  Don't you think I have a pretty strong argument?


I think you need to hold court on that and get all the "First" women Who Ride matching bikes. We need you take charge of this project. Luv ya. M

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Aug 19, 2008 8:58:21 AM

There's actaully a "women who ride" logo?

Posted by: Sean Mele | Oct 1, 2008 8:37:43 PM

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