Trek Women
September 28, 2008


I spent this past weekend in Chicago visiting my mom.  She was at the University of Chicago Hospital which in located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood on Lake Michigan.  It is a beautiful area that offers lakefront paths and fantastic views.  I spent the short time I was there going between the hospital and my sister's house. 

The weekend weather was perfect for riding.  I couldn't help but think about how nice it would be to be out riding my bike on the lakefront or through a local park.  I saw several people out riding their bikes and enjoying the weather but as my children would say, something was missing. 

All of the people I saw were out on a leisurely weekend ride.   They had baskets on their bikes, coffee in their hands and bags slung over their shoulders but not one of them was wearing a helmet.  I was shocked. 

My sister and niece told me that they never see people wearing their helmets.  They said it's normal practice for people NOT to wear helmets.  I just don't get it.  Even Kate Hudson, who strikes me as a fairly intelligent girl doesn't wear a helmet.  Why?  Ignorance is bliss?  Not too sure about that. 

September 26, 2008


As part of the new 2009 line of Trek bikes comes the District.  This bike totally stuck out in my head and I love it!  It is so rad that I just wanted to share. 

The District is belt drive technology at its best!  Trek describes this bike as aggressive, edgy and entirely progressive. The District is by far the coolest new bike out there.

Trek uses only Gates C-Drive carbon-composite belts on the District. This is the same belt that is found in motorcycles and snowmobiles worldwide.  The belt is produced with a material that is resistant to stretching and breakage.  The "lighter-than-any-chain-you’ve-ever-owned" belt produces a strong, smooth ride while eliminating chain chatter and the need for messy lube and grease.  Different, huh?

Experience the most unique ride available with the Trek District.  Hey its only $950 and worth every penny.  It may just be my next bike...uh-oh.  Check it out!

September 23, 2008



WWR Trek sister Jen Polo recently wrote a blog titled, Pet Peeves.  It's a good read and made me think of what my pet peeves of the week goes.

I am sick and tired of moms complaining about their lives.  It drives me nuts.

  1. The school moms tell me they wish school would have started weeks earlier because the summer put them over the edge.
  2. They can't stand the teachers their children have gotten because they just aren't good enough for their kids. 
  3. They complain about all the homework, packing lunches and bedtime routines. 
  4. The moms at dance class and gymnastics complain about how they are not happy with the number of children in their classes and the fact that their kids might not be getting enough attention from the instructors.
  5. The soccer moms complain about coordinating rides to their kids ongoing practices and games.
  6. They are sad because they have no time for themselves to workout, clean, cook or whatever else that makes them happy.
  7. I am sick of these annoying women.
  8. I am sick of listening to their senseless babble.
  9. I am sick of people using their children as an excuse for their unhappiness.
  10. I am sick of it all.

There are a lot of things that just go along with the territory of being a parent and if women don't know that then they shouldn't have children.  I had kids for a reason.  I wanted to have them.  I actually really like my kids.  They crack me up and we have fun when we're there!

Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now. 

September 21, 2008



My local cycling club, Harford Velo in Harford County, MD usually does a Fall Club Ride.  This year instead of the fall ride they decided to do a Bike 4 Breast Cancer Ride.  What a great idea especially since breast cancer affects 1 out of every 9 women.  One our board members, Bob Buchanan, took on the task of organizing the ride and he did a fantastic job.

The ride had about 80 pre-registered riders and another 200 that signed up on-site.  At $25 to $30 a rider the ride raised about $8,000.  When I arrived on Saturday morning I decided to head out alone and in usual "Susan" fashion I chatted my way through the ride.  I jumped in on a couple of family rides, helped a mother and daughter stay on track and met a group of gals at a rest stop that were riding Trek WSD bikes.  Unfortunately I took a fabulous photo of all of us and lost the photo!

Overall it was a beautiful day, I had a relaxing ride and I didn't kill anything (like my friend Kim who ran over a chipmunk!).  Good ride, good weather, good cause.      

September 18, 2008



I love bags.  I don't care what size, shape or color they are, I just love them.  Everywhere I go I am always looking at people's bags.  I will follow someone for a block just to get a closer look at their bag.  Sounds a little strange, huh? 

Sometimes I feel a little bit like a stalker.  I have no problem staring at someone's bag for an extended period of time and then asking them if I can look at the inside lining and pockets.  I find it rather intriguing.  Sure they think I'm little strange, but doesn't everybody?

I seriously have a lot of bags but I don't have a gym bag.  I have a variety of bags that I have used at the gym but none of them ever worked as a gym bag.  For the past 8 years I have been looking for the perfect gym bag that can hold my cycling shoes, towel, clothes, toiletries, water bottle, sippy cups, snacks, diapers, wipes, keys and whatever else I happen to throw in that day. 

Recently Trek sent me an email telling me that Sherpani Bags wanted to send me a free bag!  I hopped on their websit and picked out the "perect gym bag".  It's super stylish and functional but not big and bulky like a gym bag yet it has enough space for all of my stuff.  I have been using the bag for 3 weeks and it is everything I wanted and that some.  Can you tell I am thrilled beyond belief!!!  Check out these bags, they are way cool.  Its a great company with a neat philosophy.  I can't wait to get another one.  Thanks Sherpani!

September 15, 2008



The 2008 She Got Bike festival was a blast as usual.  Last year I was a ride leader and I got lost.  Yep, the leader got lost and even brought some people along for the detour.  Unfortunately I couldn't stop talking long enough to look at my cue sheet.  I'm such a loser.  This year I vowed not get lost.  I promised myself that I would stay focused while I was chatting with the other riders. 

Well...I'm sorry to say I was only able to accomplish the latter.  As I began my ride I met some new riders along the way.  Like a social butterfly, I hopped from group to group, met some of the chiclets from the Charm City Cycling Team (very cool), encouraged women to drink more in the 95 degree sweltering heat and gave them the power to get up the hills.  Yes, I was carrying magic pixie dust in my saddle bag.

I was one of the 40 mile ride leaders and after the 2nd rest stop I decided to continue riding with a girl I had just met on the road.  Bottom line, I needed to finish my conversation.  Right after we had finished climbing a mile long hill we caught our breath and started chatting again.

Breathless Girl:  Wow, that hurt. (pause) Ok, now we have to look for Mt. Zion Street.
Susan:  (looking confused)There's no Mt. Zion Street on my cue sheet.  What ride are you doing?
Breathless Girl: The 60 mile ride.  Aren't you?
Susan: Oh Jesus, I have to go back!  I'm supposed to be on the 40 mile ride!  I'm in the fashion show at 1:00pm.   Katie's gonna kill me!
Breathless Girl:  Do you know where you are going?
Susan: Not really, but I'll figure it out.  I can't believe I climbed that hill for nothing!

I quickly picked up the pace and started backtracking until I found the turn I missed for the 40 mile ride.  But there were so many positives that came out of being lost...other than the extra 10 miles I got to ride for fun...

I ran into 1 lost rider that was supposed to be on the 28 mile ride and I helped her out. 
2. Then I ran into another lost rider that was supposed to be on the 60 mile ride.  Luckily I knew how to get her back on track.
About 10 minutes later I looked behind me and there were 10 guys.  No, I wasn't in heaven.  They were doing a local club ride that crossed paths with ours.
4.  Next I ran into a rider who had just fallen off her bike and her daughter had ditched her.  Her chain was off and she didn't know how to put it on.  Wow, something I could do!  I showed her how to put her chain on and we caught up to her daughter.      
5. With less than 7 miles to go I ran into the ride leader for the 14 mile ride and joined up with that group.  I've got to say this was my favorite part of the ride.  These women were the newbies and they were really pushing themselves. I had a great time cheering them up the hill.  Finally my years of cheerleading were really coming in handy!   (Yes, I was a cheerleader.  Aren't the splits a dead giveaway?)

s I pulled into Oregon Ridge Park I could hear my name being called over the loud speaker.  Then my cell phone started ringing.  Clearly I had missed my rehearsal and people were looking for me.  I busted my sweaty butt over to the dressing room and put on my fabulous Keith Bontrager clothes!  The fashion show was a hit and Katie from Joe's Bike Shop did a great job of mixing and matching the clothes so that everyone had their moment in the spotlight. 

Shegotbike2_2 The best part was that 7 of the 10 models were a size 5 and under and EVERY size small garment hung on them while I struggled to squeeze into my medium samples.  It was a definite confidence booster!  Thank God there was another model that was full figured like myself.  She made me feel at home and we looked fantastic!

All in all, She Got Bike was a major success across the boards.  The demo trailer was hopping with excitement as women had the chance to demo the new TREK 2009 WSD bikes,  The ever famous Joe from Joe's Bike Shop gave some informative maintenance seminars and had some great bikes and gear for sale and Trek's very own Woman Who Rides (me) was there for autograph signing.  Joke.

If you didn't make it this year mark your calendar for next year.  What could be better then a festival that celebrates women and riding?  Not much!

September 13, 2008



Last weekend I had 5 children.  I know what you are thinking, "Susan, I could have sworn you only had 4!"  True but Ross was here so that upped the count to 5.  Ross rolled into town with the big ole demo trailer for She Got Bike and what a great weekend it was!  We tried to be on our best behavior but what can I say?

My monkeys and Ross and I had some crazy fun and the Barbie car was a big hit.  So big that Ross tried to sneak it into her trailer when she was leaving.  At no time did I ever feel like I was jeopardizing my children's safety...well maybe a little.  Don't you wish you were here!?!? 

More on She Got Bike later!

September 12, 2008



A Typical Morning With Seamus

SEAMUS: (Yelling from his crib) Mom!  Mom!  Open the door!
MOM: I'll be right there.
SEAMUS: Mom! I wanna get up!
MOM: Ok Seamus.
SEAMUS: Mom! I wanna get out of my crib!  Open the door!
MOM: Ok Seamus.
SEAMUS: Mom! Get me out mom!  I wanna ride my bike!
MOM: Coming Seamus!
SEAMUS: Mom! I wanna ride my bike!  Open the door!
MOM: (entering the room) Good morning Seamus!
SEAMUS: Hi Mom.  Mom, I wanna ride my bike.  Where's my helmet?
MOM: Lets get dressed and have breakfast first.
SEAMUS: Mom, I wanna go outside and ride my bike!  Get me my helmet!
MOM: In a minute Seamus!  Could you sit still for 2 seconds so I can get you dressed!

The conversation goes on with him continuing to tell me over and over that he wants to ride his bike.  He gets more and more angry while making his request until I put on his helmet, take him outside and start pushing him in circles.  Now mind you, he does not pedal, nor does he steer well so I have to walk him up and down the driveway while he smiles proudly as if he has just finished riding a century. 

He is quite a character and he really likes to right his bike.  Nothing wrong with that.  It could be worse, he could like to watch TV - eek!

September 10, 2008



When I heard the news I about fell off my bike!  Lance Armstrong, cycling sensation, cancer survivor and seven time winner of the Tour de France, has announced that he is coming out of retirement to get back on the saddle again!  Its like the second coming of Christ!

Yesterday Lance Armstrong, released the following statement regarding his return to professional sports:

"I am happy to announce that after talking with my children, my family and my closest friends, I have decided to return to professional cycling in order to raise awareness of the global cancer burden. This year alone, nearly eight million people will die of cancer worldwide. Millions more will suffer in isolation, victims not only of the disease but of social stigma. After the passage of Proposition 15 in Texas, a $3 billion investment in the fight against cancer which is helping to make this disease part of the national dialogue in America, it's now time to address cancer on a global level."

Here's a guy that uses his celebrity status to make positive changes in the world.  He is a pretty amazing individual and I can't wait to watch him win the 2009 Tour de France!  GO LANCE! 

Oh yah, and he looks sweet in this picture ;)   Right out of an anatomy book...nice.  Isn't that what we all look like when we're out riding naked on a bike in the pouring rain?  I look exactly the same except my girls get caught in the spokes when I pedal.  What about you?

September 8, 2008


The clock is ticking and She Got Bike is only 5 days away!!!!!  It you are a female cyclist and haven't signed up yet, you better get on the stick! 

What is She Got Bike?  It's a Festival of Women's Cycling
and is one of the nation’s few and Maryland's only all-women's cycling events. Its mission is to give every woman, regardless of ability or fitness level, access to one of the most life-affirming activities around – riding a bike.

Last year She Got Bike 2007 was held at Oregon Ridge Park on September 30. Nearly 500 women participated in rides, exhibits and activities.   Help us make this year's She Got Bike bigger and better than ever!!!!

For starters your very own favorite Women Who Rides (me) will be the 40 mile ride leader and then I'll be strutting my goods on the runway in some of Trek's new WSD cycling fashions!  Rocking Ross will be there with the WSD demo trailer so that everyone can try out a Trek WSD bike. I promise a good time will be had by all!

There will be a 10, 20, 30, 40 and 60 mile ride.  Do your own thing and ride at your own pace.  Just come, have fun and enjoy the spirit of being a women.  Sign up today.  For $22 you'll have a great time, get a cool shirt and meet some new cycling buddies.  See you there!