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October 31, 2008




October 29, 2008


I guess I am a little stuck on the "time of year".   The chilly weather, the ever runny nose and early evening darkness.  For me, the motivation to do anything is hard to come by.  All I want to do is eat and chill.  It takes a lot to get beyond that. 

Many women suffer from a little bit of depression this time of year.  We all feel like we've barely changed out our kids clothes from summer to fall much less have gotten a grip on Halloween and on top of all that the holidays are right around the corner.  It's a lot to handle for anyone.

As women we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do everything and be everything for everyone.  Here's what I do to cope.  Hopefully it will help you. 

    1.    Don't shower for 3 days and own it.
    2.    Say hello and smile at everyone you come in contact with throughout a day.
    3.    Wear a bad wig around the house and pretend that you're soemone else.
    4.    Strike up a conversation with someone you don't like.
    5.    Toast a loaf of homemade bread with butter and eat it all.
    6.    Stay in bed all day and tell your hubby he's in charge. 
    7.    Call 3 old friends that you haven't spoken to in over a year.
    8.    Take a video of yourself dancing and post it on Youtube.
    9.    Open up a bottle of wine and drink it in one sitting.  Don't share it.
    10.    Ride your bike.

Try it all...but not necessarily in this order.  Have fun!

October 27, 2008


Keeping with my childlike behavior I decided to celebrate Halloween with our annual Halloween family celebration.  Can you say good friends, good fun, good time!  Welcome to my life!

This year I decided to dress up as Roxi Starr as batwoman.  It was a little bit of a stretch but at least I didn't dress as a cyclist. 

October 25, 2008



Kiley Carney is the happiest girl in the world.  She laughs, she giggles, she smiles and adores her mother beyond belief.  She never stops hugging, hanging and loving on me.  I'm so lucky.

Kiley Yesterday I went on a field trip to Harman's Farm with Kiley's preschool class.  Now mind you I've been to this farm at least four times before but that didn't bother me as any time I spend with Kiley is a good time.  We went on a hay ride, picked out pumpkins, drank cider and ran through the corn maze.  We had a blast and she loved every second of it.

Fall is a beautiful time of year and enjoying it through a child's eyes is a gift. 

October 24, 2008



Well not really, its just cold to me.  It has been about 40 degrees in the morning with a little bit of frost and it does not make for an easy transition from my toasty bed to anywhere.  This shouldn't be a problem for me since I was born and raised in Chicago, but it is.

Along with the cold weather and the change of seasons comes cold weather riding.  It takes a lot of bundling and a lot of motivation.  It's easy to wake up and roll right back over without ever thinking twice about blowing off a ride.  I am guilty of that. 

Currently I get up if I have to get the kids to school, if the kids wake me up or if I have to be at work. That pretty much means I have no choice every day but to get out of bed.  So I'm not making it out on the road bike but I am making it to the gym and that counts for something doesn't it? 

I have to keep telling myself that with my lack of motivation at least I am doing something...but god knows I need some motivation to get out the spinning studio studio and out on the road.  To many this is the most beautiful time of the year to ride!  I must seize the moment...I'll get right on that!

October 21, 2008


Images-2 The results you achieve are not based on what you plan to do or what you say you'll do. Your results come from what you actually do.

The rationalizations and excuses you make will not add any value or quality to your life. Your actions are what truly make a difference.

To get where you wish to go requires more than just talking about it. To get where you wish to go requires focused, sustained effort.

And the great thing is, you're perfectly capable of making whatever effort is necessary. You must simply choose to actually do it.

No one can reach real fulfillment on your behalf. The life you experience is the life you create for yourself.

There are so many possibilities to choose from, and so many opportunities to make life great through the actions you take. Now is the moment to actually do it.

-- Ralph Marston

October 19, 2008



I love my bike. I love my bike.  I love my bike.  No, I really mean it.  I LOVE MY BIKE! 

From the second I arrived in Lanai, Hawaii all I could think about was riding my bike.  My hotel was right on the ocean, far from Lanai city, and there was a huge climb right outside the hotel.  It was the only way in and out.  It was an incredible several mile climb that takes you through a climate change.  A typical day was 85 degrees by the bay and sunny into windy as all hell and 65 degrees in the mountains. It was nuts.

I figured if there were only 2 grocery stores on the island that the chances of there being a bike shop would be very slim.  I thought if I talked to enough people that someone would know someone that owned a bike.  Low and behold I hit.  The convention services manager, Jennifer, had a bike and offered it up to me.  She dropped the bike at the house of our main hotel contact, Brent and he brought it in for me.  I only had three days left in Lanai and I was ready to make the most of it. 

It was a heavy mountain bike that was a bit rusty, a couple sizes to small, and it wasn't a Trek but dammit I wanted to ride that hill and see the island.  Brent knew what I was up against.  He rode on a cycling team in college and was one of two people on the island that owned a road bike.  He got it.  He was kind enough to bring me a pump, white lightening and a water bottle.  And so my journey began.

I rode up that hill and worked my ass off.  Literally.  It was a killer climb and the higher I got the better the views.  I rode from my hotel on the ocean to the Lodge at the top of the mountain and enjoyed every ounce of beauty.  I believe that that was the best way to really see the island.

The roads were clear except for the hotel employees and the shuttles to the ferry, the airport and the Lodge.  It was pretty much me and nature. 

That night when people asked me what I did on my break they had looks of pure disbelief when I told them that I rode up the hill.  They couldn't really grasp the concept of someone riding the hill, much less a women. 

When housekeeping came to my room the next day I opened the door and 2 guys were standing there.  They looked shocked for a second and then one piped up and said, "Oh my god, you're the girl that rode the hill!"    Apparently no one does it other then Brent and one other male rider.  Eventually word got around and I became a bit of a legend at the hotel.  I would hate to have seen what they would have done had I not made it. 

The next day I did it again.  No cycling shorts, shoes or jersey but I had a helmet and the most amazing scenery complete with a rainbow.  It made me realize one thing.  I LOVE my bike a lot.


October 17, 2008



Do those words sound familiar?  No, it is not what the Loveman says about me every day.  Nor is it how I feel every morning when I drag my butt out of bed.  It's lyrics from Kool and the Gang!  Remember them?  Ladies Night, Get Down On It, Joanna, Celebration?  They have had so many hits its hard to forget them.

While in Lanai our group had the pleasure of having a private Kool and the Gang show.   So it was Kool, the Gang and 500 of their closest friends and I had the pleasure of being their personal to speak.  Talk about a good time!Cool

I checked their hotel acommodations before their arrival, set up their dressing rooms and made sure they had everything they needed.  They were all very sweet and for as old as some of those boys were they did not disappoint one bit.  There were a few of the original members mixed in with some new Gang members.  They belted out the hits and were definite crowd pleasers.

Dscn1921 It's always nice to run into a group of people that love what they do and are doing it.  Do what you love and the money will come.  I'm a firm believer in that statement....and if the money never comes, at least you were doing what you loved. 

October 15, 2008



I've never had to worry too much about paparazzi or being recognized in public.  I've never had to go incognito or travel with security.  For the most part people don't approach me too often and ask for my autograph or how much I like my Trek WSD Madone.  But last Friday everything changed.

As I was settling into my seat on my flight to Honolulu the women next to me was checking me out.  I didn't look particularly nice as I had gotten up at 5:00AM and really hadn't done much to make myself look presentable.  We had exchanged greetings but she kept looking at me until finally she spoke.

Airplane Girl:  Do you work for Trek?
Susan:   Well, yes but no but actually yes but...well I write for Trek's website and...
Airplane Girl:  I knew I knew you!
Susan:  and I am a women's bike advocate and I...
Airplane Girl:  You're the girl!  I knew it!
Susan:  (looking around for hidden cameras) Are you serious?   You know who I am?
Airplane Girl:  Yes, I've seen you in that book.  I knew you were the girl!
Susan:  In the Ride book?
Airplane Girl:  Yes!  Do you ride for Trek?  Are you doing the Ironman this weekend? 
Susan: (chuckling) God, no.  I wish I rode for Trek.  I'm not doing the Ironman, are you?
Airplane Girl:  My boyfriend and I are working the event.
Susan: You're not screwing around with me, are you?  Come on, who put you up to this?
Airplane Girl:  I love that ride book.  They have a great section on changing a flat tire. I know exactly who you are.  I've seen your picture.
Susan:  Freakin' crazy!  Who would have thought?!

We continued to chat for a few minutes and then I gave my seat to her boyfriend.  They were so nice and we were both equally stoked that we had made the Trek WSD connection. 

You never know when your 5 minutes of fame may come so remember...
1.  Always be nice to everyone you come in contact with.
2.  Always wear clean underwear.
3.  Never underestimate the power of the Trek WSD.

October 12, 2008


I woke up this morning and this is what I saw outside my room.  I sat down had a cup of coffee and pondered my work day.  Just from the view alone I knew it was going to be a fantastic day.  How could it not be?

Since I have been here I have seen 2 bikes and I am happy to report that the riders were wearing helmets. Also, I think I have found a bike!!!  I don't know what condition it is in, or if it will even fit me but I have found someone at the hotel that is willing to lend me their bike for the week.  What a happy day!