Trek Women
December 29, 2008



I woke up today and much to my surprise I realized I had been married for 18 years.  I feel like Rip Van Winkle, one day I was married and then I woke up and many many years had passed.  I now have a rebuilt house, a messy car, some bikes, unwanted facial hair, gray hair at the temples, an extra roll, saggy boobs and 4 children.  Wow, its been quite a ride.  No matter what I look like the Loveman unconditionally loves it all.  What a guy!

Happy Anniversary to the Loveman!

December 28, 2008


Trek_memoalt January 23, 2009 is a big day for Trek.  A week ago Trek issued an internal memo that only included the phrase, "Something is coming...January 23, 2009".

What could it be?  Who knows?  There has really been no indication of what the "thing" could be.  Of course I have been speculating as to what I thought it could be and I've come up with a few guesses.

  1. Susan Mele will become Lance Armstrong's next training partner.
  2. Susan Mele will now become the new poster child for Trek Bicycles.
  3. Susan Mele will design and endorse the next line of Trek WSD bikes.
  4. Susan Mele will start racing for Trek's Women's Team.
  5. Susan Mele will write a book with Trek about her WSD experience.
  6. Susan Mele will be taken away to a fat farm for the month of January.

Hmmmm.....all good guesses.  Anything is possible.  Stay tuned. 

December 25, 2008






December 21, 2008



 I have now idea how we have gotten to December 22nd?  It feels like December just started yesterday and now its almost over.  I have finally managed to get my sickness under control without coughing up my ovaries but the rest of my life is a mess. 

Do you ever have that feeling that feeling that there's no way in hell that you'll ever be able to accomplish all the stuff you need to get done?  Well that's exactly how I feel.  I may be pre-menstrual but I'm feeling a little bit nuts right now.  I need to do laundry, x-mas cards, shop, pack, wrap, cook and lose 20 pounds all within the next few days.  I am so screwed.   

So for those of you that think my world is just peaches and cream, please feel free to come by my house and watch my children so I can get something done!

December 17, 2008


455px-Gold_seal_policy_v4.svg I recently received a first class package in the mail from no other than Governor Martin O'Malley.  It was an official certificate complete with a gold seal, ribbon and an authentic signature.  I checked the package to make sure it was actually addressed to me and it really was. Yikes!

From the Governor of the State of Maryland to Susan Mele,

The citizens and elected officials of Maryland, recognizing your unusual abilities and having trust in your integrity, are hereby given notice that you have been designated a member of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee for the remainder of a term of 4 years from October 1st 2008 and can expect to benefit from the services you will render to the State of Maryland in that position with zeal and interest, having trust and faith that you will dutifully and faithfully execute your responsibilities.

Martin O'Malley
Governor of the State of Maryland

So now I am an official member of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee appointed by the Governor.  That's a little scary.  Somebody must have told someone that I am a good negotiator.  To tell you the truth I can barely negotiate with my 2,4,6 and 8 year old much less the Loveman.  Who knows, maybe this will be easier.  If nothing else I'll probably meet some new riding buddies and possibly even have a chance to meet the mayor.  Wish me luck!

December 14, 2008



Recently I met a man while I was doing shopping.  He was very nice, engaging and the conversation was easy.  He asked me about myself, my family and my career.  Of course I can't have a conversation about myself without mentioning the Trek gig and the fact that I am one of the five Women Who Ride. 

The man was intrigued by my Trek story as he was an avid rider himself and his wife was just getting started.  He had so many questions and shared his wife;s fear of riding, trying new gear and not having anyone women to ride with her.  I gave him my card and explained to him what an excellent resource the Trek site is for women.  He was so excited by everything I said then took my card and promised to check out my blog.

As he turned to walk away he said,  "Do you know what a Woman Who Rides really is?"  "She's a cool version of Miss America."  He's absolutely right.  I may not have the beauty, boobs or behind but I've got so much more.  Thank you Trek!

December 12, 2008



One of the highlights of our trip was meeting George Martinelli.  No he's not a famous racer nor is he a big rider.  He rides a tractor and apparently does it very well. 

George Martinelli is a member of the Sonoma County Martinelli family and helps run the famed Martinelli Winery.  My friends Kathryn and Paul introduced us to George and his wife Gina and we all had dinner together.  Our dinner included mussels, quail, pork belly and plenty of wine, but that wasn't where the fun ended.  The next we stopped by the winery for a private tasting with George.   Along with some incredible wine and cheeses we were educated on the winery and the five generations of the Martinelli family that have worked together producing apples and wine in Sonoma County since 1886.

Martinelli So everything was impressive but at some point during our tasting someone slyly mentioned that George had been named 2008 Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year which is a very prestigious honor.  He manages 300 acres of family vineyards and 75 acres of apples.  It gave us something to rip on him about.  He took it very well as he has older siblings and is used to it.

Riding means many things to many people and while George may not be a big cyclist he could probably hold his own in a tractor race or even a tractor pull for that matter.  I wouldn't mess with him.

December 10, 2008



The coughing has barely subsided but the show must go on.  Six days ago the Loveman and I boarded a plane headed to one of our favorite places in the US, San Francisco.  We lived there 9 years ago and the bay area has a very special place in my heart.

Paul Once we arrived we hooked up with my brother, sister and their spouses and proceeded to have five fun filled days full of food, drinks, friends and some serious wine education.  What a great way to kick off the holiday season (minus the snow)?

San Francisco is a little foggy and chilly during the month of December so we made the choice of not riding while we were there as we wanted to take full advantage of all the wine drinking opportunities.  In addition to that I am very aware of the fact that one (me) can get a DUI while riding a bike. 

DSCF9879 We were hosted by Kathryn and Paul Sloan of Small Vines Winery who have been friends of ours for over 15 years.  We had a barrel tasting at their winery, wine and cheese on their veranda, crazy Californian cuisine and lots of laughter.  We also visited several other wineries and brought home an amazing potpourri of California wines. 

I may have to spend the next week drying out....but wait, isn't red wine supposed to be good for you?

December 5, 2008



Well here's my brilliant follow up to "I COUGH THEREFORE I PEE". 

I am still coughing and I just can't stop.  I feel like crap and I have for a few weeks now.

I wake up, I cough.  I wake up my kids, I cough.  I eat breakfast, I cough.  I jog, I cough.  I run, I cough.  I spin, I cough.  I talk, I cough.  I drive my car, I cough.  I drink coffee, I cough.  I make dinner, I cough.  I look at the Loveman, I cough.  I read a story to the kids, I cough.  I write a blog, I cough.  I go to bed, I cough.  I wake up and start a new day...and I cough.

I see the doctor, I cough.  He gives me cough syrup with codeine, I don't cough so much.  After two days the codeine is gone, I cough.  I get mad that I can't get more, I cough. 

I leave for wine country for a lovely 5 day vacation with the Loveman and I am still coughing.  Rats.