Trek Women
January 30, 2009



The pink elephant in my life is my trainer in the garage and that big old slab of fat that hangs around my waist like an inner tube.  I am in a winter exercise slump.  I'm really trying to get pumped up about it but it's not easy. 

Easy is eating half of the cookie dough batter before baking cookies.  Easy is eating a large bowl of guac, a burrito and two pieces of Mexican lasagna while out to dinner with friends.  Easy is wearing sweatpants every day instead of jeans because I can't seem to squeeze into them. 

I'm going to pretend that February 1st is really New Years Day and I am going to start my year over again.  We are all entitled to a do over once in a while, right?

January 27, 2009



I recently had a fellow Women Who Ride Club member write to me complimenting me on how I deal with everything in my life and all that surrounds it.  I wrote back to her explaining that I draw my strength from people in my life that have the most amazing and positive outlook on everything, good or bad.

While I was in California 2 weeks ago I went to visit a dear friend of mine from college. She was a fellow thespian and at the time one of the neatest people I knew. We did several shows together and shared many laughs.  She was always giving, loving and an all around sweetheart, not to mention one of the most talented performers I know.  We have remained friends for the past 20 years and she is someone that continually inspires me on many levels.

Currently Wendy is on her 5th round of chemo and is about to have her second bone marrow transplant.  She is always positive and cheerful when she writes and is not angry at the world nor holds any resentment towards anyone.  She has found ways to successfully make it through each day with visualization exercises, writing, visits from her 3 beautiful girls and online shopping (yikes).  She is truly my hero and someone I will continually to aspire to be more like. 

January 25, 2009



Who says I can't do a kids show?  Guess what!?!?!  I can!

When I decided to do my evening show at the Theatre Project my kids asked, "Mom, why can't you do a show for us?"   I really didn't do it intentionally but they were right.  I hadn't done a show for them in years. 

SO like a good mom I decided to create a show just for them.  I sang, danced, mimed, created characters and I even threw in a biking scene that reinforced the use of a helmet.   Everyone had a good time and I am booking more kids shows as we speak!  So let me know if you ever need a funny crazy mom in a kids theatre near you!  Remember, my show just aren't for kids, I'm very good at playing to the adult audience.  I believe in equal opportunity fun!

January 19, 2009


Remember that passion I have for the arts?  My love of theatre?  My desire for making people laugh?

Once again I am getting ready to do yet another show!!!!   This is the weekend!!!!  If you can make it great and if you can't than please tell all your friends and neighbors about it!



January 16, 2009



This past week I have been in Palm Springs working on a fabulously fun event.  The weather has been beautiful, sunsets spectacular and food, to die for.  My workout time has been minimal but one thing I have noticed about the biking community here is that everyone is cruising.

Lets just take a moment and talk about all the excitement that surrounds the cruiser.  If you want to run an errand, enjoy the scenery or actually "cruise" for some loving, than this is the bike to do it on.  For example, here in Palm Springs people are cruising for partners that could help them pay for their plastic surgery, boob job or liposuction.  Everyone has a basket, a bell and fashionable sunglasses.  I'm sure they have a local cruiser club that they are all members at.

Trek's line of WSD Navigators are pretty cute.  They come in different colors, designs and they're under $600.  The Trek Navigator Line is designed to give you the most upright and solid ride around.  This results are a more stable and controlled ride.  Throw in a super comfy-cushy saddle, wide smooth-rolling tires, and a plush suspension fork and you've found a dream come true.  If you need an "around town" bike than this is it!

If you don't want to worry about messing your nails, dirtying your clothes or running your make-up enjoy a cruiser and enjoy life.  Hop on your Navigator WSD and stop at the bank, the farmers market or your girlfriend's house.  Who ever said riding is just for fitness?  No excuses - get a bike and start cruising!  Its totally fun!

January 12, 2009



Over the summer I went to Dallas for a women's mountain bike camp with DORBA.  I was riding a Fuel EX 8 WSD demo bike and wearing my cool Trek gear...and then came the shoes.  I had an old school 15 year old pair of Nike pink and purple mountain bikes shoes.  They had laces with a velcro strip that came across the top.  I loved these shoes as they had served me well for many many years.

Before our first ride demo girl Ross looked at my shoes and almost lost it.  You could tell she was doing all she could to keep it together and NOT make fun of my shoes.  Low and behold I looked up and noticed another woman with the exact same pair of shoes!  I quickly pointed them out to Ross and told her to bite her tongue...then she quickly pointed out to me that the woman was 20 years older than me and maybe it was time to get a new pair of shoes.  She was right.

I am now wearing the new WSD Bontrager RL Mountain Shoe.  They're pretty and comfy and AFFORDABLE!  Just what a woman loves!

Look what you get for $139!  Such a deal!

    * Reinforced toe-box for protection and durability
    * Synthetic leather and nylon upper with air-mesh tongue pad for relieving strap pressure
    * External molded heel-cup prevents heel-slip and provides ventilation
    * eSoles premium insole for optimal fit and support
    * Mid-level mountain shoe offers rugged all-day performance in an affordable package
    * Bronze-level carbon-reinforced sole for stiffness and excellent power transfer
    * 2-hole SPD-style cleat attachment
    * Simple and intuitive 2 straps + buckle design for ease of use

If you are looking for quality, comfort and a shoe that fits in your budget (and you're tired of being made fun of by your friends) than you need these shoes!

January 7, 2009


The race is on and YOU could be the next WOMEN WHO RIDES!  Trek is having another competition and everyone is welcome to enter.  We want to hear your voice!  Here's on the highlighted link above and following the instructions! 


  • A brand-new Trek Women Specific Design (WSD) bike that fits their riding style
  • Trek cycling gear that’s specifically made for women
  • Fitness, training and maintenance tips from Trek cycling experts
  • The time of your life

I don't have to tell you how much I have loved being a Woman Who Rides...the bike, the Trek people, the riding, the women I have met and the celebrity status!  How could you pass up on something as cool as this?  It doesn't hurt to try and it doesn't cost to just do it!  What are you waiting for!

***Remember all entries must be received by January 24, 2009!

January 4, 2009



Last night we had our annual Harford Velo Cycling Club x-mas party at our home.  I always enjoy seeing everyone out of their helmets, sunglasses and cycling clothes, drinking a festive cocktail as opposed to having a nutrition bar with a power bar chaser.  No matter who you talk to or what you talk about the conversation always seems to circle back to cycling.

Now rewind to the past 6 weeks of my life.  I have been working out, spinning, lifting, etc., BUT I have not been on my bike.  I am completely and totally embarrassed to admit this. 

First the excuses:
1. A horrible case of bronchitis that took me to the doctor 3 times in 6 weeks.
2. Major meds that included antibiotics, an inhaler, mucinex, sudifed, benadryl and cough syrup.
3. Four children involved in school, dance, gymnastics, soccer and many other random things.
4. Christmas shopping, wrapping and non-stop partying.
5. Driving to Ohio, flying to Chicago and spending weekend at a waterpark.

Mind you, all the above was fun and it's just part of life but to perfectly honest I never really felt well enough to ride.  Whatever the case may be I didn't get out much at all and that sucks.  After talking to all the cyclists at the party I was really missing the moments I've shared with my beautiful Madone and all the perks of riding that come along with it.  

After the party ended the Loveman asked me if I was going to ride in the morning.  Yes, I did.  I got up early, prepped my bike, put on my gear, put in my toe warmers (I'm a wimp) and got ready for a ride outside with the club.  It was so nice.  It didn't matter that it was cold and windy outside.  It didn't matter that I had tons and tons of snot and mucus running down my face, and it didn't matter that my booties were duck taped because the zipper was broken.  All that mattered was that I was out riding with friends and it felt great.  God, I love to ride my bike.  I really need to do it more often. 

January 1, 2009


Happy New Year!  Isn't this exciting?  We are finally in the year 2009!  I've never been so excited about starting a new year.  Why?  Because I can't wait to stop eating like a pig.  Yes, you listen to me go on and on about how I eat and how my weight is like a yo-yo but it's all true. 

So, I would like to start this year by trying NOT to eat like a pig, exercise a little bit harder and get out on my bike more often...even if it means getting up before the kids do.  What?  Actually get up early in the morning?  I'm gonna try.  I promise.  I'll let you know how it works out.