Trek Women
February 22, 2009



GO LEVI!  Yes, we all had a feeling in our bones that he was going to win the Tour of California for the third time and he did!  What more could one ask for!  What a happy day! 

I believe that life is truly about karma and everything always comes full circle.  He deserves this win and hopefully he savors every moment of it.  Can you say super yummy! 

PODIUM1 Congratulations to the Astana Cycling Team and congrats to Trek for constantly producing kick butt over the top bikes!  TREK IS THE BEST! 

Now all I have to do to is find a cycling team that will take me and then I'll get an awesome time trial bike.  I promise to ride it every chance I get and then (hopefully) I too will get on a podium....some day.  All good.  I can patiently wait my turn. 


We'll find a team Susan. With kids, work and an impendidng back surgery, I still find time to ride to work once in a while and take one of my kids with me up the mountain where I live. I started a recreational womens soccer team at 38 (having never played) so I figure a bike team should be even easier since at least I have ridden a bike before!

Posted by: Danielle | Feb 25, 2009 11:25:45 AM

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