Trek Women
February 8, 2009



The weather has really been warming up around here and the first thing I think of is riding my bike.  I was able to squeeze a ride in on Saturday and it was glorious.  Spring is so close yet so far....

On Sunday it was about 58 degrees and instead of going on a ride I took the girls to NYC for a couple of days to hang out with my friend Kathleen.  Unfortunately I was unable to bring my bike or my nanny (I wish), so we just acted like New York tourists.  We rode the subway, took a tax, rode the ferris wheel at Toys r Us, shopped, went on a horse and carriage ride, jumped on our hotel beds, devoured room service cookies, took long showers and ate out like crazy.  Now that's a vacation!

A good time was had by all despite the girls diva-like NYC attitude but I could definitely hear Central Park calling my name as we rode around in our carriage.  I thought I heard it say, "Get off your big butt and ride!"  Next time. 


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