Trek Women
February 4, 2009



So its about 20 degrees out and the wind chill is out of hand.  Bottom line its freezing.  Ok so its not as bad as Alaska or Illinois but it is cold!  Personally, I have a problem with the cold and until today I thought the rest of my family had a problem with it as well.  Guess I was wrong.

My son came in the house after school today and the first thing out of his mouth was, "I'm gonna hurry up and do my homework so I can go ride my bike."   I just about fell over.  I was sure he was joking and I thought he would start giggling or something.  Nope.  He wasn't joking.  He really wanted to ride his bike. 

As soon as he was done with his homework he put on his parka and snow gloves and went and got his bike.  Next thing I know the other 3 kids are also bundling up as if they're getting ready to go sledding.  Even Seamus wanted to go!  Everyone was coming in and out of the house for a helmet fitting because they couldn't get them on over their winter hats.  As I watched in disbelief they all mounted their bikes in the freezing cold and started riding.  They were out for about 20 minutes just riding around the yard and having the time of their life.

When they were done they came in and sat by the fire and drank hot chocolate.  It was all very surreal...but I guess they learn from their parents so what can I say?  After all, I did ride to a restaurant last weekend to pick up dinner so I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 


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