Trek Women
March 12, 2009


After freezing cold weather and not being able to ride for a few weeks we finally had a day that was sunny and seventy.  Yes that’s what I said, sunny and seventy.

It was a brilliant day and the Loveman and I started our day by deciding who was going to get to go riding.   He was up first for the local Harford Velo Club ride and the minute he walked in the door I was ready to ride. 

I had already laid out my helmet, shoes and sunglasses and they were waiting by the door.  My purple argyle outfit was already picked out and sitting on my bed.  I quickly dressed and out the door I went.  I just started to ride and ride and ride.  I had no agenda, no time frame, and no route…. I just wanted to ride, plain and simple. 

The ride was glorious.  It wasn’t too windy or too hot but everything was just right.  I even ran into some friends along the way who were carrying a box of fabulous chocolates in their jersey pocket.  The chocolates were much better than any energy bar.  A savored every bite and off I went. 

As I rode through my hood my mind wandered as I thought about all the wonderful riding ahead of me in the spring and all the riding buddies that I would be able to reconnect with after months of hibernation.

Finally I was in my glory and loving it. 


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