Trek Women
March 20, 2009



UNFREAKINBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!  Trek has started their own Trek Women's Triathlon Series.   The Trek Woman Triathlon Series promises to be spectacular and based on the locations and the name behind it, I KNOW its going to  be the best sprint tri series ever! 

These tri are being led by the one and only Sally Edwards.  A world-class and professional athlete, best-selling author, and inspirational speaker, Sally is the CEO of Heart Zones, USA, a training, education, programming, and coaching company. She is the CIO, Chief Inspirational Officer of the Trek Women's Triathlon Series.  Sally has volunteered to finish last in each of the 8 races in 2009 so that no other woman has joke.

Check out the these date and get there!  Don't you think its time you tried a tri?

• May 17, 2009--Austin, TX
• June 14, 2009--Southern CA
• June 21, 2009--New York METRO
• July 5, 2009--Seattle, WA
• July 12, 2009--Pleasant Prairie, WI
• August 9, 2009--Mount Snow, VT
• Sept. 6, 2009--Orlando, FL


I'm ready! June 14th! Or, at least, I WILL be ready. Thanks for the reminder.

Posted by: Theresa | Mar 30, 2009 12:15:05 AM

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