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April 29, 2009



As part of being a Women Who Rides I have been involved in many Trek events, Trek product launches and Trek store opening.  I've also visited my share of local Trek bike shops as well as all over the US.  With all that being said I'm beyond stoked to tell you about one of the most exceptional bike shops ever. 

Ready?!?!?  Right here in Havre de Grace, MD (my backyard) a couple of my good friends, Ed and Ray, have opened up a bike shop, Chesapeake Cycle and Sport.  Now this is not your ordinary bike shop.  Yes, they have fabulous bikes and service BUT they also have a mobile bicycle service and repair vehicle that is rolling 24/7.  Anytime you need ANYTHING they are at your house or on the road to meet you anytime, anywhere.  Imagine that, personal delivery of parts, rental bikes or whatever!  Heck, I bet they would even stop and pick you up lunch on the way to your house. 

On top of being a really cool full service shop in an historic building they also have a group of employees that are the type of people you would want to hang out with on the road, on a trail, at a festival or at a bar.  They are down to earth, super nice people that love to ride.  They enjoy talking about bikes, teaching others about biking and they get involved and care about the community. 

Now if you thought the Chesapeake Cycle and Sport couldn't get any better....just hang on to your hats.  They have newly renovated guestrooms for a weekend visit, kayaks, a coffee shop in the works and just the right dose of small town charm.  Once you walk in to the place you are so comfortable that you never want to leave!  What more could you ask for? 

SO...if you are around this weekend stop into Chesapeake Cycle and Sport for some grand opening fun complete with food, drinks, bike rides, kayak trips, raffles, demos and lots of fun bike peeps to hang with...oh yeah and they'll be a very special guest on hand....(drum roll please).... ME!!!!  Hope to see you there!



I'm thinking of joining the Women Who Ride Club, and thinking of purchasing one of the FX bikes.

Is the club worth the $39.00? Do they really give discounts? (on bikes?)

How long did it take you to really get into biking? I am pregnant with #7 and am hoping to do a mini-triathlon next year. (I've done a full marathon and that cured me of wanting to do another...).

I love mountain biking, but it is hard to do with a family. I figured a road bike makes for sense for me at this time of life.

Well, I hope to hear from you! You sure do sound like a fun person. Must be Chicago. (my second favorite city, next to Milwaukee!)

Posted by: Kristy | May 2, 2009 5:14:09 PM

Hi Susan: I am so glad I "clicked" past the "what have I been up to" link because I found all these neat stories when I accessed a different way! Anyway you may know my name - WWR for 2009/10! We aren't really started YET and you are a very hard act to follow but all 5 of us are anxious to get started. My bike was delivered to my local bike store yesterday - I am in love!
I wanted to tell you that today on GMA they showed the finalists/winners of "The best job in the World" contest. You should have been there.
I will try to be out east one of these months - maybe I'll do the Trek Tri - depends on final date - September is gruelling for me. I want to go to C. Bike store! I love that area. Anyway, I have enjoyed the blogs, would love to see your show (can you send me a schedule?), and hope we meet one day. Oh, Yes, last night I was at an event with Sally Edwards and it was very exciting - I've wanted to meet her for YEARS! Yours on wheels, Mary

Posted by: Mary Strupp | May 6, 2009 8:55:47 AM

It really looks like a friendly store,the way the building has been built makes me want to go inside there.

Posted by: cycling bikes | Jun 16, 2009 12:55:47 AM

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