Trek Women
April 8, 2009



For the past few weeks I have been directing a one woman show in New Mexico. I rehearsed in Baltimore and then went to New Mexico for production week.  It was an experience I will never forget.

I directed a woman, Kathleen Fontaine, that I had worked with onstage when I lived in California.  She was writing and performing in a one-woman show about her life.  It was about her troubled childhood, her 15 month addiction to crack and her road to rehabilitation.  It was anything but a comedy.  

The material was very powerful and on opening night I found out how powerful it really was.  In the middle of the show on opening night Kathleen was so nervous that she completely lost her lines, stopped the show, asked the audience to leave and then walked off stage.  As I sat in the audience I realized that the audience was not leaving and she wasn't coming back so I went into the bathroom to get here. 

Long story short....I basically told her to get her ass back on stage and eventually she did.  The show went on, she finished with a bang and the audience loved it.  She had many people congratulate her telling her that the part when she "walked off stage" was their favorite.  No lie.  So I guess it worked and apparently really well. 

The name of the show was Learning to Stay and I think that by coming back onstage she accomplished that.  I must admit that the stress of getting her back onstage and watching her finish the show was a little bit of a nail biter.  As she took her final bow I felt as though I had birthed my fifth child...without the epidural. 


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