Trek Women
April 26, 2009



Out of running, biking and swimming, I like biking the best, swimming second and running is definitely last.  I have tried to love it for years but I just can't get into it.  It doesn't excite, inspire or move me BUT if I want to do triathlons I have to run.

This is the second year I have done the Women's 5K by the Bay in Havre de Grace, MD.  The run is along the bay and is a celebration of women, running and fitness not to mention freakin' beautiful.  A portion of the proceeds are donated to local women's charities and its always powerful and ultra inspiring to be surrounded by 400 women. 

3105_1129559726253_1445021703_30329761_5842028_n I had a pretty good run and manage to do it in 30 minutes which isn't terribly bad but more importantly, I finished!!!  I ran with old and new friends and then afterward we stopped by my friends' new bike shop, Chesapeake Cycle and Sport.  They sponsored the Women's 5K by the Bay and had an open house for the runners and volunteers which included mimosas, tasty treats and good music.   

3105_1129559766254_1445021703_30329762_84099_n After we all fueled up we went out on a chic only bike ride!  I had the pleasure of riding with 4 women I had never ridden with before.  It was an all level ride and I really enjoyed cheering on the other riders and sharing my love of cycling.  I'm telling you riding is totally infectious!  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I get to see women cycling and really wanting to do it just for the love of riding.  Now get your bike out and start riding!

PS - I forgot to mention that all 5 of us were riding WSD Trek bikes!

April 22, 2009



When I think of working out I think of a big fat juicy cheeseburger and that's just wrong.  Over the years I have found ways to get away from the eating visualizations and into my fitness visualizations or "goals" as I like to call them. 

Its always good to have a goal.  Whether you achieve it or not its just good to have.  As I have a mentioned in the past I like to have goals as they help me visualize a beginning, middle and end with my tasks.  Deep down goals scare the crap out of me but I really love that aspect of them.  Scare tactics always seem to work...especially with the monkeys. 

This summer I have already signed up for 4 events and 1 is in a holding pattern.

  1. Women's 5K by the Bay -  4/26
  2. Catoctine Challenge 150 mile ride - 6/26
  3. Diamond in the Rough Sprint Triathlon in Maryland - 7/11
  4. Northeast Olympic Triathlon in Maryland - 8/16
  5. Trek Women's Triathlon Series (Date TBD)

So there you have it.  I've only done 3 of these events last year and they all proved to be big fun but very challenging.  So once again I will start/continue training and hope to have a strong finish with all events.

Now that I have my goals lined up I will crack a beer, eat a cheeseburger and think about them.  Just kidding.  I will start riding a lot more outside and try to eat a bit more protein and a little less fat...ok, a lot less fat.  Is that possible?  We'll see.

January 4, 2009



Last night we had our annual Harford Velo Cycling Club x-mas party at our home.  I always enjoy seeing everyone out of their helmets, sunglasses and cycling clothes, drinking a festive cocktail as opposed to having a nutrition bar with a power bar chaser.  No matter who you talk to or what you talk about the conversation always seems to circle back to cycling.

Now rewind to the past 6 weeks of my life.  I have been working out, spinning, lifting, etc., BUT I have not been on my bike.  I am completely and totally embarrassed to admit this. 

First the excuses:
1. A horrible case of bronchitis that took me to the doctor 3 times in 6 weeks.
2. Major meds that included antibiotics, an inhaler, mucinex, sudifed, benadryl and cough syrup.
3. Four children involved in school, dance, gymnastics, soccer and many other random things.
4. Christmas shopping, wrapping and non-stop partying.
5. Driving to Ohio, flying to Chicago and spending weekend at a waterpark.

Mind you, all the above was fun and it's just part of life but to perfectly honest I never really felt well enough to ride.  Whatever the case may be I didn't get out much at all and that sucks.  After talking to all the cyclists at the party I was really missing the moments I've shared with my beautiful Madone and all the perks of riding that come along with it.  

After the party ended the Loveman asked me if I was going to ride in the morning.  Yes, I did.  I got up early, prepped my bike, put on my gear, put in my toe warmers (I'm a wimp) and got ready for a ride outside with the club.  It was so nice.  It didn't matter that it was cold and windy outside.  It didn't matter that I had tons and tons of snot and mucus running down my face, and it didn't matter that my booties were duck taped because the zipper was broken.  All that mattered was that I was out riding with friends and it felt great.  God, I love to ride my bike.  I really need to do it more often. 

January 1, 2009


Happy New Year!  Isn't this exciting?  We are finally in the year 2009!  I've never been so excited about starting a new year.  Why?  Because I can't wait to stop eating like a pig.  Yes, you listen to me go on and on about how I eat and how my weight is like a yo-yo but it's all true. 

So, I would like to start this year by trying NOT to eat like a pig, exercise a little bit harder and get out on my bike more often...even if it means getting up before the kids do.  What?  Actually get up early in the morning?  I'm gonna try.  I promise.  I'll let you know how it works out. 

November 22, 2008


Gary 44 w.friends1
This weekend is a very important time for me.  It is my "get ready for the holidays" weekend.  Most people like to get ready by cleaning their house, starting their Christmas shopping or hanging their outside holiday lights.  Not me.  I get ready in a very different way.  I like to prep my body for all the eating, drinking and partying that I will be partaking in throughout the holiday season.

On Saturday night I attended a 44th birthday party for my good friend Gary.  It was a very special evening for me as it kicked off the holiday season.  We started with red champagne and dirty martinis, then moved to oysters, creative appetizers and fabulous homemade deserts.  The conversation and laughter was non-stop and the kids enjoyed their own party.  All in all it was an incredible night for kids and adults alike.  I am truly fortunate to have the friends in my life that I do. 

Now I feel like I am prepped and ready to take on the holidays.  Nothing like a good warm-up to get you going (the photo says it all)!  I just have to figure out how to fit in a workout every now and then and I'll be all set!  Thanksgiving and Christmas here I come!

October 4, 2008



Most people engage in the same kind of workout day after day.  We're all guilty of it.  We get lazy and go to the same class, do the same reps and ride the same routes around town.  It's just easier to hit automatic pilot.

This weekend I mixed it up and went to a belly dancing class at my friends Claire's house.  Talk about shaking it up!  It was a blast and we all got a great workout.  I sweated a lot, hung out with some cool girls and even burned a few calories.  Yes, I looked a little goofy at times but who cares!

I was very happy to see that my gut was being put to good use.  It definitely added to sensuality of the experience.  If you're belly dancing it helps to have a belly.  That's just common sense. 

I've already found about six ways to use it in my everyday life...and yes, the Loveman really enjoyed the fact that I attended the class as he knew he would be benefiting from it in the near future. 

So next time you're looking for something a little different try belly dancing.  You won't be disappointed.  Hmmm...I'm feeling a career change coming on....

July 29, 2008



So far this has been a fantastic summer for riding.  For a mother of 4 that works part-time and is with her kids the other 75% of the time, I get out pretty often.  I am very fortunate to have a supportive Loveman and friends that allow me the time to get out and ride.

Even though I have been riding quite a bit I am still packing on the pounds.  Since the beginning of the summer I have gained eight pounds.  Yep, that's a pound a week.  At least I'm consistent, right?  Bottom line, I am really enjoying my summer and I have lost my ability to just say no.  "Susan, would you like a few cookies?"  "Sure"  "Susan, would you like a second helping?"  "Sure"  "Susan, would you like dog liver on a cracker?"  "Sure"  It doesn't matter what it is, I just never pass up an opportunity to eat.  I love it way to much.

Lately I've been thinking about having my jaws wired shut.  I'm sure I would figure out ways to get food through the wire but I bet it would slow me down.  It would just be temporary, you know, maybe a month or two.  Hell, it might even help correct my overbite.  Whatever the case, I bet I could shed a few pounds. 

I just read a report published by researchers at UCLA that ninety percent of people who have their jaws wired shut for more than 30 days eventually pursue ventriloquism as a hobby or career.   Dr. Phillip Meyers, lead researcher on the UCLA study, reported that people from every walk of life and ethnic descent, when forced to try to communicate with their jaws wired shut, inevitably tend to develop both an aptitude for and interest in ventriloquism.  Basically, for every broken jaw that's out there, there's a person whose inner ventriloquist is about to come out.

Though known little for his skills as a ventriloquist, entertainer Don Rickles learned to speak without moving his lips after having his mouth wired shut for a broken jaw given to him by a heckler.  Hmmmm...this might be the boost in my career that I really needed.

April 27, 2008


This has clearly been a big week of firsts for me.  First brick, first mammogram and first 5K.  This morning I participated in the Women's 5K by the Bay race.  It was a beautiful 5K run in Harve de Grace, MD. 

I have a few friends that are runners that asked to me to do the run with them.  I thought, "What have I got to lose?".  I have been harassing my friends to start riding so I figured I had to get out and do a little running with them.  Fair is fair.  On top of that I plan on doing some triathlons this summer so I thought this could help.

Pic43 I had been training on a treadmill for a few months and had run outside maybe twice.  Yes, I know (as I've been told 100 times) that running outside is totally different than the treadmill.  So there I was this morning out in the cold at 7:30am and hating life (I'm not a morning person).  Oh ya, and did I mention I don't like running?  I was also having a hard time getting past the fact that this would  be a short workout (i.e. waste of my time) as opposed to riding 30 miles and getting a great workout on the bike. 

With all of my negative thoughts in check I shimmied up to the starting line and ran my big butt off.  I kept trying to visualize getting into the "zone" but I don't think I actually ever found it.  Finally I crossed the finish line as I watched the clock switch to 28:00.  I came in 79th out of 340.  So there you have it.  I made it and it wasn't bad at all.  My friend Jen even took 9th place overall!  My goal for my next run will be to beat her time of 21:00.  Yah right, in my dreams!

March 30, 2008



Yes, I am still a part of the biggest loser contest and am trying to be strong but the strangest thing happens when I get around my family.  I am no longer the girl that eats right but instead I become a food junkie.  With that I bring you the top ten ways to gain 5 pounds in a week.  I did it and so can you!

  1. For breakfast always start out with coffee and add some heavy flavored cream.  After coffee time treat the rest of breakfast as if it is a 3 course meal.  Donuts, then cereal, then pancakes. 
  2. Make sure to order out as many meals as possible and don't forget about the sides, they're the best part...especially garlic mashed or mac and cheese which are offered on almost every carry out menu.
  3. Try and eat some type of cheese product with every meal and then throw in a glass of whole milk for good measure.
  4. Keep your children's easter baskets easily accessible so you can pop several pieces of candy in your mouth all day long without the kids ever noticing. 
  5. When eating at a restaurant, first finish your plate, then try and help out all the skinny people at the table that are "too full" to finish their meal. 
  6. Don't worry about filling up on bread at a restaurant.  Eat it up, slather it in butter or olive oil with cheese and always ask for more, even if you have an appetizer, salad and entree on its way.   
  7. No matter how full you are, always order dessert and don't share it with anyone.
  8. Every day between lunch and dinner a trip to the ice cream parlor is a nice afternoon pick me up.  Your order should include a large chocolate malt or shake.
  9. Have an all junk food lunch with the whole family that includes doritos, twinkies, cupcakes and cheese puffs.  You'll suddenly become popular with all the kids on the beach, not just your own.
  10. Every night before bedtime check your fridge for any leftover pizza or pasta and get in a good bedtime snack.  There's nothing like listening to your stomach churn when you're trying to fall asleep. 

Good luck!  If you follow all the steps I'm sure you'll have no problem being as successful as me! 

February 18, 2008


Yes, yes and yes, the biggest loser is still happening!!!  I know I have been ignoring the topic for a while and I apologize but sometimes dealing with weight loss can be such a drag.  Just looking at my back fat in the mirror can put me over the edge.  Is there really any reason why we can't just shave our fat off with a big ass potato peeler?  If life was so easy...

So it's week six and I am down 12 pounds.  I am steadily losing a pound or so week and I'll take it.  Yes, I'm eating right, working out and sending some pretty serious voodoo to the other contestants.  But, come on, losing weight sucks!  I can be a little bitchy about it if I like, right?  Although I must admit that I am enjoying my daily breakfast of low fat oatmeal with a spoonful of flaxseed for got measure.  If nothing else it keeps me clean as a whistle.

106_9713_4 Here's my strategy...I'm gonna be slow and steady and then in the last two weeks I'm gonna spend 3 hours a day in a sauna in addition to working out, eating only figs and drinking water with lemon.  I am not prepared to lose this competition so ladies, "Get ready to rumble!"

PS - The above photo is my fab friend Molly (who I work with) and I in the Bahamas.  Molly is the organizer of the biggest loser contest and I must say she is going strong.  If there's one person I wouldn't mind losing to it would be Molly...but that's it!

PSS - The photo of me...I just couldn't resist.

PSSS - I still have no idea why every bloody person that comes to the Atlantis has to have their picture taken in that silly chair...but hey I was doing it just like every other idiot that walked by.  Peer pressure I guess.