Trek Women
October 24, 2008



Well not really, its just cold to me.  It has been about 40 degrees in the morning with a little bit of frost and it does not make for an easy transition from my toasty bed to anywhere.  This shouldn't be a problem for me since I was born and raised in Chicago, but it is.

Along with the cold weather and the change of seasons comes cold weather riding.  It takes a lot of bundling and a lot of motivation.  It's easy to wake up and roll right back over without ever thinking twice about blowing off a ride.  I am guilty of that. 

Currently I get up if I have to get the kids to school, if the kids wake me up or if I have to be at work. That pretty much means I have no choice every day but to get out of bed.  So I'm not making it out on the road bike but I am making it to the gym and that counts for something doesn't it? 

I have to keep telling myself that with my lack of motivation at least I am doing something...but god knows I need some motivation to get out the spinning studio studio and out on the road.  To many this is the most beautiful time of the year to ride!  I must seize the moment...I'll get right on that!

October 6, 2008


As I sat up until 4:30AM last night that is the phrase I repeated to myself over and over.  "I'm so addicted."

I gave up caffeine about 8 years ago.  The reason being I love everything and I tend to have a rather addictive personality and I thought something needed to give something I gave up caffeine. 

When I decided to give up caffeine I was completely hooked.  I was living in Berkeley, CA and my mornings always started with an extra strong pot of Peet's coffee just for me.  after getting totallt jacked up on caffeine I would hit a coffee shop for a mocha with an extra shot of espresso.   If I happened to be a coffee shop in the afternoon, I would stop for aanother mocha.  It finally got to the point that whenever I passed a coffee shop I stopped for a coffee.  So I stopped.

Over the past several years I would have a decaf mocha here and there until recently I started craving the buzz.  I began ordering half caffeine drinks and I like it...a lot.  About 2 months ago I started getting full caffeine and it has been going downhill ever since.  I can't stop and I can't say no.  Oh god, what would Nancy Reagan think of me? 

Any time Seamus sees a Starbuck's sign he says, "I want my cafe mocha"  That is bad.

Yesterday I had a fully loaded coffee in the morning, one in the afternoon AND one at 8:00PM.  I was out getting a pedicure with a friend and she merely suggested stopping for a coffee in the evening.  She was going either way so how could I say no.  Clearly I couldn't. 

I drove with her to thr coffee shop and sucked down my coffee in 5 minutes flat (I'm a very fast coffee drinker) and I loved every second of it...but I surely wasn't loving it when I layed in my bed all night trying to sleep while listening to the Loveman snore a symphony.  I may need some serious help. 

October 4, 2008



Most people engage in the same kind of workout day after day.  We're all guilty of it.  We get lazy and go to the same class, do the same reps and ride the same routes around town.  It's just easier to hit automatic pilot.

This weekend I mixed it up and went to a belly dancing class at my friends Claire's house.  Talk about shaking it up!  It was a blast and we all got a great workout.  I sweated a lot, hung out with some cool girls and even burned a few calories.  Yes, I looked a little goofy at times but who cares!

I was very happy to see that my gut was being put to good use.  It definitely added to sensuality of the experience.  If you're belly dancing it helps to have a belly.  That's just common sense. 

I've already found about six ways to use it in my everyday life...and yes, the Loveman really enjoyed the fact that I attended the class as he knew he would be benefiting from it in the near future. 

So next time you're looking for something a little different try belly dancing.  You won't be disappointed.  Hmmm...I'm feeling a career change coming on....

August 1, 2008



Tomorrow I am headed to Dallas for a Women's Mountain Biking Weekend.  The weekend is being put on by DORBA (Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association) and it's three days of mountain biking, eating and partying with chics.  Go girl power!  I have a feeling the weekend is going to be pretty spectacular as those are three of my favorite things to do.

In preparation for my trip the Loveman thought it would be nice to take me out on the trails two nights before I leave.  Isn't he thoughtful?  He wants me to be at the top of my game and totally in the mountain bike groove.  So instead of going out to see a movie and out to dinner, we went mountain biking and out to dinner.  Who said mountain biking can't be romantic?

We went to one of my favorite areas with some challenging trails.  There's nothing that handles the trails better than the Trek Fuel Ex 8 WSD.  I am a firm believer that full suspension bikes are truly a gift to mankind. 

There were lots of log piles, fast single tracks, killer climbs and crazy downhills.  I rode well, tried everything and yes, I fell a few times.  But the good news is I cleared all the tough stuff and then fell doing easy stuff.  First I fell like a turtle while I was turning around and barely moving, then I went over the handlebars while speeding down a single track after I hit a tiny stump I didn't see, THEN after I cleared a big ole log pile I ran into a tree that sat three feet in front of the pile on the other side.  Duh!  What can I say?  I couldn't see it.

Needless to say I got up after each fall (while spouting off only a minimal amount of cuss words) and continued on the trail looking forward to the next adrenaline pumping obstacle.  I ended up with some colorful bruises (see photo) and several stories to share with the DORBA ladies.  Now I'm officially ready to hit the trails in Dallas.  I might not have a twang but I can ride the heck out of a mountain bike!  Watch out ladies here I come!

June 9, 2008


I'm so sick of having a gut.  It could singlehandedly be the most unattractive quality I have.  Its pretty disgusting but I have grown to live with it like one might live with a mole or buck teeth or some other random bothersome quality.  My tombstone will read "She was a nice girl, had great legs and arms but her gut was always a little large."

My gut has always been there.  It has always been large and it has always been a problem.  I must admit that genetics play a big part.  Just like some women are bipolar or have some mental illness or another, I have a big gut.  Large guts run in my family.  My father has a big gut and my brothers have big guts.  It's all part of being a Mele.

So now that I'm done complaining I'm going to let you know what I do about my big gut...other than over eating on a regular basis and drinking beer.  I work out, yes...but do I focus enough on my gut?  No.  Do I do a hundred sit-ups every day?  No  Have I been good with my diet over the last month?  No. 

So basically I have nothing to complain about because I have a bit of a gut slacker.  Did I ever really believe that I would wear a bikini?   Maybe I'll go eat something really cheesy and feel better.

June 6, 2008



Mom's can be total goobers at times.  We have our moments but sometimes they're not so good.   

Instead of going to the gym today I decided to take Seamus and Kiley out in the bike trailer.  I planned a nice route forgetting that I would be pulling an extra 65 pounds... but all in all it wasn't too bad.  We visited friends, dropped by the post office and stopped at Dunkin Donuts for some coffee and donuts.   

We were almost done and about a mile from home.  We were going down a slight downhill and we started picking up speed.  The kids were laughing, I was loving it and we were flying high.  At the bottom of the downhill we took a left.  I was so in the moment that I neglected to slow down ENOUGH.  As we turned the corner the trailer went up on one wheel and the kids shrieked.   There was a slight sideways flip of the trailer.  Did the kids fall out?  No  Where they strapped in the double kid strap system?  Yes  Were they wearing their helmets?  Of course

I stopped immediately (instead of dragging them sideways the whole way home) and they were completely fine, just a little wigged about their bike ride that had suddenly turned into Mr. Toad's wild ride.   The worst part was that Kiley got herself so worked up coughing that she puked (see photo).  After about 2 minutes we continued down the road as I explained to them that what they had experienced was nothing compared mountain biking. 

Yes, I will REALLY slow down on the turns in the future.  For my kids sake.  Now I know how far I can go.   Bad mom!

May 23, 2008


After my first brick I decided to continue in this fun and overly abusive type of training.  Yes, I run, bike and swim at the gym, and sometimes all on the same day but never in an intense outdoor training session.  Why would I ever do something crazy like that?

This week I hung with a group of tri-trainees lead by fitness guru Kim Kelleghar.  Kim is a great girl, a super mom, a good friend and someone I enjoy riding with.  I am always interested in doing what she does.  My reason?  Maybe because she is rock hard and barely a size 2?  Maybe because she has less than 1% body fat?  Maybe because I think if I do what she does than my body will look like hers?  Bingo!  There you have it. 

Well clearly that will never happen but I still showed up for her "brick training" session.  We ran 2 miles, biked 19 miles and then ran 2 more miles (because the first 2 miles weren't enough).  Yes, running sucks and it sucks even more when you have to do it twice. 

The ride was way fun and Kim ran with me and gave me a few basic pointers
1. Carry oxygen next time you run you idiot!
2. You could go faster if you were walking!
3. My mother could run circles around you!
4  Maybe you shouldn't have partied last night!

Yes, I completed the run, did fine with the ride (my favorite part) and ran the last 2 miles with a big fat grin (and gut) because I knew I was almost done.  I am really looking forward to doing my first tri this summer at the Danceskin Boston Tri and the Columbia Irongirl.  We shall see!  Maybe I'll see if Trek can get me one of those super flattering one piece tri skin suits.  I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress!  Enjoy the ride...whatever it may be. 

April 27, 2008


This has clearly been a big week of firsts for me.  First brick, first mammogram and first 5K.  This morning I participated in the Women's 5K by the Bay race.  It was a beautiful 5K run in Harve de Grace, MD. 

I have a few friends that are runners that asked to me to do the run with them.  I thought, "What have I got to lose?".  I have been harassing my friends to start riding so I figured I had to get out and do a little running with them.  Fair is fair.  On top of that I plan on doing some triathlons this summer so I thought this could help.

Pic43 I had been training on a treadmill for a few months and had run outside maybe twice.  Yes, I know (as I've been told 100 times) that running outside is totally different than the treadmill.  So there I was this morning out in the cold at 7:30am and hating life (I'm not a morning person).  Oh ya, and did I mention I don't like running?  I was also having a hard time getting past the fact that this would  be a short workout (i.e. waste of my time) as opposed to riding 30 miles and getting a great workout on the bike. 

With all of my negative thoughts in check I shimmied up to the starting line and ran my big butt off.  I kept trying to visualize getting into the "zone" but I don't think I actually ever found it.  Finally I crossed the finish line as I watched the clock switch to 28:00.  I came in 79th out of 340.  So there you have it.  I made it and it wasn't bad at all.  My friend Jen even took 9th place overall!  My goal for my next run will be to beat her time of 21:00.  Yah right, in my dreams!

April 24, 2008


Back in January I decided I was going to start doing triathlons.  (You can start laughing now.)  This meant I needed to start swimming and running.  When I was younger I was on a swim team and I have always been a pretty efficient swimmer.  I like to swim and I have good staying power.  Needless to say I wasn't too concerned about the swimming. 

Now onto the running.  I have always hated running.  I find it boring, boring, boring.  With that being said I decided to give it the old college try.  I figured if I could ride my bike forever then I could run a little bit, right?  So I started on the treadmill, a little at a time and now I'm kind of a runner...I guess...but not really.  I got new shoes.  Doesn't that count?

A couple of days ago my friend Kim organized a group of people to do a little ride (22miles) immediately followed by a little run (3 mi) in preparation for triathlons.  When I got there  she asked me if this was my first brick.  I know the look on face was like "What the hell is a brick?"   

When I was a kid my mom used to refer to our "poops" as "bricks".  I honestly thought to myself,  "Why is Kim talking about poops?"   She brought me right back to my youth.  Then she explained when you combine the elements of the tri its called brick training.  Duh.  Yes, I'm a little slow sometimes but now I get it!

I am happy to say that I did my first brick and it felt pretty good.  I can't wait to do more brick training...minus the poops.   

March 30, 2008



Yes, I am still a part of the biggest loser contest and am trying to be strong but the strangest thing happens when I get around my family.  I am no longer the girl that eats right but instead I become a food junkie.  With that I bring you the top ten ways to gain 5 pounds in a week.  I did it and so can you!

  1. For breakfast always start out with coffee and add some heavy flavored cream.  After coffee time treat the rest of breakfast as if it is a 3 course meal.  Donuts, then cereal, then pancakes. 
  2. Make sure to order out as many meals as possible and don't forget about the sides, they're the best part...especially garlic mashed or mac and cheese which are offered on almost every carry out menu.
  3. Try and eat some type of cheese product with every meal and then throw in a glass of whole milk for good measure.
  4. Keep your children's easter baskets easily accessible so you can pop several pieces of candy in your mouth all day long without the kids ever noticing. 
  5. When eating at a restaurant, first finish your plate, then try and help out all the skinny people at the table that are "too full" to finish their meal. 
  6. Don't worry about filling up on bread at a restaurant.  Eat it up, slather it in butter or olive oil with cheese and always ask for more, even if you have an appetizer, salad and entree on its way.   
  7. No matter how full you are, always order dessert and don't share it with anyone.
  8. Every day between lunch and dinner a trip to the ice cream parlor is a nice afternoon pick me up.  Your order should include a large chocolate malt or shake.
  9. Have an all junk food lunch with the whole family that includes doritos, twinkies, cupcakes and cheese puffs.  You'll suddenly become popular with all the kids on the beach, not just your own.
  10. Every night before bedtime check your fridge for any leftover pizza or pasta and get in a good bedtime snack.  There's nothing like listening to your stomach churn when you're trying to fall asleep. 

Good luck!  If you follow all the steps I'm sure you'll have no problem being as successful as me!