October 23, 2009 Posted by Amy King

Steps to Start Racing

Step 1:  Get invited to join your cycling group's race team.

Step 2:  Scream with joy!

Step 3:  Look down at the gut that's been hanging around for far too long after the "baby" was born and panic.

Step 4:  Run out and join the local YMCA's Holiday Weight Loss Challenge.  I start on Tuesday.

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Amy-See you there! I am on session #3 and am down 20lbs!

Aha! I noticed when I saw you at Edilyn's, but didn't get a chance to chat about it with you. Congrats!

Glad I'll have a friendly face there with me!

Go Amy! A perfect time of year to have group support and some amazing goals to keep you focused. Think racing season!!

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