November 13, 2009 Posted by Rebecca Jensen

"The Video" & Sharing

I must address some moonlighting: yes, I have another blog. I love blogging. When presented the opportunity to blog for Trek, to a wider, women-focused audience, my arm jolted straight up into the air, "YES, PLEASE!!" 

But I couldn't abandon my original blog, An Adventure Called Bicycling. It's where I've stored so many ride photos, videos, how-to posts, rants and raves and general inspiration regarding bicycling. I look at Google Analytics (site visit counter) in awe, imagining my collective audience sitting in an auditorium to hear what thoughts, discoveries and news I have to share about bicycling. Sometimes I find that I write not just for the audience-- but for myself. To hold myself accountable to never stop exploring.

The real driving force, though, is that sometimes I receive notes of thanks for particularly inspiring posts that encouraged people to do something they've been putting off, or didn't think they'd ever do. Wow. That feels just amazing.

I bring all this up, because never have I received so many thanks for a post, than for THIS VIDEO

What We Saw: TransAmerica Bicycle Tour 2009 from Rebecca Jensen on Vimeo.

While I may be applauding myself and my efforts right now, my point is to encourage ALL OF YOU, readers out there-- to think about how you can share YOUR adventure, whatever it may be. If you're bicycling through the winter for the first time, if you're going to train for a triathlon for the first time, if you're a mother, toting her children to school behind a bicycle instead of an SUV.. you are having a positive impact on your community, but don't stop there! Think about how you can SHARE your experience with more family and friends. Take snap shots of your new bicycling adventure (be it commuting, traveling or training) and make a simple slideshow on iMovie, then invite friends over for drinks and a show.

This is just to say-- you don't have to ride your bike for 3 months in order to be inspiring. Every little adventure-- across the country or to the grocery store-- is an adventure worth sharing.

Go share!!

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RJ - you are going places! And not only by bike. The video is as good as any we shared at "The Barrymore". Thank you for sharing your talents! Mary

RJ - Have wanted to watch this for a while, but just sat down...and am so glad I did! What a beautiful video. Your enthusiasm and creativity abound. It's a great tribute to your trip, and what a beautiful place our country can be.

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