April 9, 2010 Posted by Caitlin Hollister

Big City Riding

Manhattan Bridge Verazano Br  

A perfect Easter weekend in NYC, starting with our bikes on the Fung Wah bus, Chinatown Boston to Chinatown NYC.  In a busy city, I was delighted to meander slowly through the masses, glad to see so many people out enjoying the sun.  We stayed with our good friends Micaela and Nathan who cooked delicious meals for us and shared some lovely walks through Brooklyn.  My last time cycling in NYC was May 07, for the Five Boro Bike Tour.  No better way to see the city - but don't skimp on locks.  Lots of good bike signs and extensive lanes made our travels smooth.  Even spotted an HBO film shoot in Prospect Park - like true tourists, we stopped to gawk.  After the torrential rains of March, April is looking good for cycling.  

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Hello Caitlin,
I am always excited to hear about yourself and David's adventures.
Riding in NYC was scary for me but I did it.
Just put the bike in for repair so have plans for rack up some miles this summer.

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