April 30, 2010 Posted by Caitlin Hollister


My final blog comes just as I organize my school's spring bike program.  I spent yesterday afternoon visiting 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade classroom to announce our May classes, signing up 90 students to play on bikes.  They are "super psyched" and so am I.  I've never been too excited about bike gear and I still need reminders on what's what on my frame (seat tube? seat stay?)...I feel much more confident riding with kids, focusing on helmets, chains, tires, and brakes.  Once all that technical stuff is taken care of, it's all about fun.  Games and sprints and showing off and crusing down hills.  Words like performance, endurance, components, and spandex never come up with third graders.

Thanks to TREK, I don't need to worry much about my bike's hardware.  My 520 has carried me through 3 long bike tours and is ready for another trip through Washington state this summer.  So I focus on serious fun, watching my students experience the power of two wheels.  Reading the posts of RJ, Roxy, Amy, and Mary, I'm reminded of so many thrills that come from cycling - whether racing or commuting, cruising or climbing...There's still a whole world of cycling to explore and I just might find myself a mountain bike someday. 

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