May 3, 2010 Posted by Amy King

Wait! There's one more thing you need to know!!!

I know I'm supposed to be done blogging, and I don't mean to take away from my fellow Women Who Ride and their fabulous posts, so please indulge me, BUT...

Do not walk, do not run...pedal furiously to the next Trek Sponsored Dirt Series for Women!!!!!!!!!  The wealth of skills, the incredible coaches, and the absolute fun that is to be had on a bike at this camp is not to be missed.  So do yourself a favor and sign up for one of these!

In one weekend, I learned front-end wheel lifts, manual jumps/drops, how to do switchbacks, straight-line riding, proper climbing technique, and tons more than I even imagined was possible.  And I got to do two very fun rides to show off all my new skills!  The coaches, a bunch that could be very intimidating, are just the right blend of tough and encouraging...and so confident in their coaching that they're confident in you - they know you'll get it!  

I'll be doing this series again; I want more!!  But in the meantime, I have lots of new skills to practice while I ride.  If you've ever had an inkling that you want more skills on your mountain bike, go sign up.  Don't wait!

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