May 3, 2010 Posted by Roxy

A year in the life...

It was a year little over a year ago that the five of us met for the first time in a hotel in Madison, Wisconsin. Five random women, brought together by one common bond: we love to ride our bikes. And so we were to be the poster girls for TREK Bicycles Women Who Ride. What an honor and what an opportunity. All kinds of new bikes and gear were thrown at us. It was a lottery ticket that had all the numbers. We hit the bike jackpot, in our minds. 

So, what has been my take away from this experience, this lucky duck label? Well, I've seen first hand how TREK wants people, all people, to ride bikes, not just the ladies. No matter which one or for what reason. The goal is to get the masses on a bike and onto living a better, healthier life. But they really do support women. Flat out. When we went to the TREK headquarters, we met at least a dozen female employees, and most were in decision making roles. Very inspiring! And just the vibe around there was infectious. It seemed like a happy place.

On the home-front, this experience has been pretty cool, to say the least. My boss wrote an article about it and published it in a local women's magazine. I received a lot of feedback and support from the bike community, which felt great. I guess just knowing what I was doing on a bike could be influencing another to do the same was empowering. It gave me another new reason to ride.

Also, over the past year, I've been able to read about the amazing adventures the other women have done on their bikes which has reminded me to always reach beyond what I think I'm capable of doing. I was on the edge of my seat while reading about Rebecca's next stop on her ride across the US. Caitlin always had some interesting bike ride story. If she wasn't commuting, she was touring or taking part in some grand bike event. Mary, sixty-ish years young, was hopping around the US and abroad, with ceaseless energy that I can only hope to have in twenty years. And my favorite story has been witnessing Amy, a timid bike enthusiast, become a full on hard core racer after receiving her new TREK Madone and then soon after being asked to join a racing team. It gave her wings and a new, improved self image. I believe she can do anything she sets her mind to and surely she has inspired other ladies to try and take flight just like she did.She is really the success story of the WWR program. 

In closing, I'd like to thank TREK for choosing me as one of the Women Who Ride. It has been an honor and a privilege to represent all the ladies out there that swing a leg over every day. The bike is a magical instrument. It is an empowering tool. It brings us good health and is capable of taking us places where we may not have normally gone. The bike took us five to Waterloo and will continue to take us wherever we dream to go.

Ride on, ladies. Ride on.

February 1, 2010 Posted by Roxy

Ro[cx]y's X01



Point me to the nearest PoserCross race. I'm in.

Yes, I bought a CX bike - the 2010 Trek X01. Mother Nature was excited for me too so she let me ride it outside this past weekend. I didn't go gravel or anything, but I did get her out for some serious hours. I liked it. I need to get it onto grass or gravel to really be able to give a worthy report. But I can say the matte paint job was a nice surprise. And the fact that the Bonty cages matched was even better!

I bought it because, like, everyone else is doing it and well, I don't think we're going to see dry trails for a while and I get ditched as it is on the group rides and this will help close that gap, at least. Plus, with the recent influx of gravel races and rides popping up, I definitely will be on the X01. 

Louisville 2012 baby. Not.

January 18, 2010 Posted by Roxy


Yes, there's trail riding in Nebraska. So much that IMBA paid us a visit, with another to follow this week and more in the spring.

So what's the big deal? 

Omaha has some potential, that's what. We've been ear-marked for some grant-funded assistance by IMBA to help design and put into place a gateway park. Yes, gateway, as in a park for bike riding that will hopefully lead to an addiction to more bike riding amongst its users.

Ride Center? Not yet, but maybe some day.

And my little trail club is at the center of it all. Well, I should say "our". I sit on a board for a trail care club, Trails Have Our Respect (THOR) and our fearless leader has put us on the map. He's worked his ass off getting industry leaders here to assess if Omaha has what it takes to be a bike friendly community. And so far, it's looking like might! 

This last weekend regional director, Ryan Schutz, spent an entire Saturday, helping our group come to grips with the reality of what it will take to grow our organization so that it can support these awesome opportunities that could come our way.

Then, I'm told, a world renowned trail designer will be here this week to map the gateway park. In the spring, the Trail Care Crew will be visiting to show us how to build and maintain sustainable trails in our area.  

It's all so exciting! I'm so proud of our club and our community. This could be a great year for Omaha!

January 6, 2010 Posted by Roxy

Goals for 2010

New Year, new decade. New plan? After a year of planning a wedding, I'll pass. No plans this year. Well, no new plans, I should say. Oh, I'll still be racing. You better believe it. Here are some of the races and travel plans on my schedule (I've done them all before, so if you have questions, leave me a comment).

Cross Country

Local races which are run by myself and my hubs. The Greater Omaha area is blessed with multiple trail systems. I can ride to five of them from my house! Our series has eight races, both XC and marathon. Come on out! 

Missouri & Kansas The trails down there are awesome, technical, rocky and tight. My favorite! And the races are well supported with great swag and an awesome vibe. Missouri is really a hotbed of cycling with the Tour of MO the last couple years and CX nationals. Now it's our turn! 

Marathon / Endurance

Dakota 5-0, Sept. 5 a 50 miler out of Spearfish, SD. It's well supported and has a huge party after wards. Top female gets a Garmin 705 + cash. Camp at race start (which is at 7:30 in the AM!)

Firecracker 50, July 4 a 50 miler out of Breck, and always on the 4th. It features a neutral start for each cat. down the parade route with thousands of screaming fans and vacationers. A true rock star moment. Whole race is above 9000 ft., topping out at 11,000. It's a twenty-five mile loop you do twice. Very well supported. They promise a bigger, badder party this year. Awesome fireworks later at night.

Laramie Enduro, July 31 a 70 miler near Laramie, Wyoming. It's well supported and has a variety of terrain from open prairie to mountain singletrack. This is the race I finished despite tearing my knee open after crashing (Don't worry, it was at a dumb crash. The race isn't very technical) and I want to go back and do it sans injury.


Black Hills Fat Tire Festival, 5/28-5/3 a multi-day mtb weekend full of all kinds of two-wheeled goodtimes. Racing, guided rides, social gatherings to eat and drink. It really features the trails around Rapid City, SD.


Fruita / Moab - we go every spring. We should become guides. We kinda are, always recruiting new peeps to come out and experience high desert riding. I can't get enough.

New Mexico - we're throwing around the idea of going here instead of heading west this year. We're told there's a lot of riding around Albuquerque.

So, yeah, it's jammed packed. That's how I like it!

Come on Summer!!!

December 27, 2009 Posted by Roxy

Dear Santa take 2

I shoulda asked for a plow.  


Christmas blizzard 2009

December 23, 2009 Posted by Roxy

Dear Santa...

...I'd like a 2010 XO1. 

Thanks to a generous boss, this wish will be able to come true. Gravel rides, here I come.


December 8, 2009 Posted by Roxy

Offseason Rekindling

So what does everyone do in the off season to stay in shape? Nebraska, unfortunately, doesn't cater to the outdoor athletes much, so we have to either punish ourselves and ride in the snow or go indoors. I do both. 

My off-season generally starts the minute after I finish the Dakota 5-0. By the beginning of Sept, I've been training and racing for a solid 7-8 months. Though my coach keeps me from over doing it, my body and mind deserve the break. I take a couple months off from structured riding and go have fun. Ride to ride or GASP - not ride at all. Dunt-dunt-dun! I also do it to rekindle the fire to get back in the saddle with a purpose. I have no problem being lazy but I can only do it for so long then it's time to get back to business.

Late October is when I usually start weight training. I work with a local guy who's also a rider which is really helpful because he knows how to tailor my routine to our sport. But before we even do that, he helps me recover and starts me doing routines that challenge unworked muscles. I do that for a few weeks to get my body used to the idea and then the routine starts to get harder. I'm in that stage now. I go in for my next consultation tomorrow. My trainer hopes that by the time I'm back outside, I should be able to balance on an exercise ball and do curls. Cool! For cardio, I'm on the trainer. Today is the first day it has really snowed (except for when we were on our honeymoon) and I did 1.5 hours of spinning while watching TV. Sometimes I'll do one-legged drills, high RPM drills, low RPM. Sometimes I'll watch tv or actually do a bike specific video. Those are great for getting in a higher HR workout. If the weather's above 30 and it's dry outside, I'll usually pile on the layers and ride outside on my steel hard tail. I'd rather be a little bit cold and get in a good ride than half-ass it on the trainer any day. I also do yoga which has been such a benefit. It has given me better balance and a stronger core. I really enjoy the challenge too.

Mostly, off season for me means my thoughts go to other things that aren't bike related; other friends, other activities, family, or projects that have been on hold since the first warm day. It's time to unwind and put things back in balance. Guilt free.

November 25, 2009 Posted by Roxy

Ryan and I are commuting to Thanksgiving. Approximately 50 miles, one way. I'm so going for seconds.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.
November 19, 2009 Posted by Roxy

Meals on Wheels

Last weekend I participated in Cranksgiving. It's not a new concept but we've only been doing it for a few years. Basically, it's a scavenger hunt for food items, which are then donated to the local Food Bank. We're given the list 5 minutes before we start, with the restrictions that we have to get the 10 items from ten different stores.The categories are men geared/SS, women geared/SS, trailer. New this year was if we brought a turkey back, we were entered into a drawing to win a sweet Chrome messenger bag. My buddy won it. Like idiots, we bought our turkeys from the most farthest away point and had to haul them back. I had mine in my pack but Martin (that's him above and me next to him) had to carry his in a bag. To fit it all, we had to tape the family pack of TP to our packs. I was lugging at least 50#. I was really hoping my carbon stem wouldn't suddenly break. But it all worked out. I got 3rd in the WG category and received a super cool spray painted crank arm. It was so bling, yo. 

All in all it was a great event and we set a new record for food, $ and participants. I loves me bike peeps.

November 10, 2009 Posted by Roxy

Another nice person story or two

Cyclists are just good peeps, all 'round. I have hundreds of good stories. 

This is a good one.

Three summers ago I was racing in a local mountain bike race. I was in the middle of a 4 lap race when I got a flat. I rarely flat (gasp! jinx). So there I was, off the bike, getting ready to remove the rear wheel when some dude I didn't even know, who had the same exact bike, GAVE me his wheel. Said he wasn't gonna probably finish anyway. Wow! Now that's some serious good carma in action. I found him afterwards and tried to give him my winnings. He wouldn't take it. We swapped wheels. Holy crap, he even changed my flat. For real, that was awesome.

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