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May 1, 2010

My Year as a TREK-Y

A year ago I was pinching myself, asking “really? me?  One of 5 in the US to represent WSD Trek bikes?”  What a hot diggity dog honor - at my age!  And then I met the other 4 Women Who Ride at Trek Headquarters, they came from both coasts and one from the middle to be on the Trek “blog team” for a year.  Now THAT was the real honor! What spirit and encouragement AND talent!  After absorbing their biking lingo and vicariously living their experiences I knew I had a lot to learn about cycling styles, statisitcs and hardware!


My racing skills were limited to a dozen or so triathlons.  My long distance riding had taken me across a few states (one at a time) and a few 100+ mile riding days, plus a Trek Travel trip.  But, my mountain biking/off road experiences had been pitiful!  Once, I had an egg-size bruise and hematoma from a fall on rocks: by the way, it was in the saddle  area: you-know-where!  Then there was the time I read about the Red Rock Canyon ride out of Las Vegas: it was touted as one of THE best!  I HAD to try it!  For me?  It stunk!  After an hour of doing V’s down one gully and up the next, getting off my bike to accomplish the “up”,  I 'd had it.  I told myself that was one aspect of cycling that had passed me by and I didn’t need to do THAT again.  Well, here I am to tell you that my apirations have again changed and I feel challenged to "ride the wooded, hilly trails and ease myself into some good mountain biking, maybe rocks".  This, because of my year with the Women Who Ride.  Expanding my biking horizons has been just one of the alterations in my biking life with Trek!


I've met fabulous biking icons like Sally Edwards and Gary Fisher;  become interested in all aspects of bike racing; forced myself to sign up for rides because I was a WWR (and after the ride thinking "I'm glad I didn't miss this one");  I started to ride in cold weather (I used to put my bike away after  it dropped to 50 degrees); I do short errands by bike instead of the car.  I support bike legislation and advocacy and plan to participate in the Ride Of Silence on May 20.


I  fell in love with cyclocross racing after trying it just one tim.  Again, without Trek - I wouldn't have attempted it.  Now I have my sights on participating in a few more CX races, can't believe it!    Never thought I'd buy another new bike but I'm waiting for a great fit session with my bike gurus at Wheel and Sprocket Delafield when my carbon Top Fuel 9.8 WSD arrives.  Off-road, here I come!


Will I give up triathlons?  Not for a few years - there's an 85 year old woman who is going gangbusters around here  plus the 90 year old man I recently blogged about who started riding at 85!  So I have my set my sights on the future, Thank You Trek!  It's been one heck of a ride this last year.


February 20, 2010

Aging Gracefully!

DSCN1230    P8310174

So here we are - some of the "Class of '57" going stronger than ever!  We inspire each other, count on moral support from one another and sometimes ski, snowshoe or bike together.  So in 2010 we have BIG plans!  We think we'll blow the competition away with our "age group" triathlon relay!  See the two tall gals on the right in the left hand photo?  Well, the orange "girl" - Judy - will swim like a dolphin; next to her the "girl" in yellow - Brenda - will run like a gazelle and me?  I'm way to the left in my bright Bontrager wind breaker and hope to bike like the wind on my Trek Equinox.  Here we are to tell you "go out there and experience the joy of pushing beyond your imagination".  So it's just a bike ride around the block?  A one mile walk? 1 Lap in the pool?  Who cares?  You might be taking the first step into a whole new world of good health and well being.  If you haven't gotten off the couch much this winter make it your Spring goal to do "something" physical each day, and a little more each day.  By the time you're 70 (like us) you'll be fit as a fiddle and we'll want to meet you on the course!

January 27, 2010


I got out for a mountain bike ride the other day.  It was a relatively mellow ride, as it was Jen's first mountain bike ride, but I came home buzzing...and tried to puzzle out why mountain biking always makes me feel like that.  It's just plain fun to ride dirt.  But I really love riding road, too, so why do I feel so differently after each kind of riding?  I came up with this metaphor:  Mountain biking and road riding are like different kinds of relationships.  Without reading too much into this (!), I offer an explanation.

Road riding is like a long-term relationship.  It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, and is beneficial to your health.  You progress steadily, get stronger, and reach goals; there are many fun spots and hard work, but mostly you do it because you know that this commitment makes you very happy.   

Mountain biking is like a fling.  It makes you feel giddy and just a little reckless.  You try things that would not win approval from your mother.  Since there's no commitment involved; you can do something new every weekend and it can last as long as you're willing to let it.  You do it for the thrill.

So there you have it.  I know every metaphor breaks down at some point.  And in this case, I'm thankful, as one can mountain bike AND ride road without pissing anyone off.  Happy riding!

January 18, 2010


Yes, there's trail riding in Nebraska. So much that IMBA paid us a visit, with another to follow this week and more in the spring.

So what's the big deal? 

Omaha has some potential, that's what. We've been ear-marked for some grant-funded assistance by IMBA to help design and put into place a gateway park. Yes, gateway, as in a park for bike riding that will hopefully lead to an addiction to more bike riding amongst its users.

Ride Center? Not yet, but maybe some day.

And my little trail club is at the center of it all. Well, I should say "our". I sit on a board for a trail care club, Trails Have Our Respect (THOR) and our fearless leader has put us on the map. He's worked his ass off getting industry leaders here to assess if Omaha has what it takes to be a bike friendly community. And so far, it's looking like might! 

This last weekend regional director, Ryan Schutz, spent an entire Saturday, helping our group come to grips with the reality of what it will take to grow our organization so that it can support these awesome opportunities that could come our way.

Then, I'm told, a world renowned trail designer will be here this week to map the gateway park. In the spring, the Trail Care Crew will be visiting to show us how to build and maintain sustainable trails in our area.  

It's all so exciting! I'm so proud of our club and our community. This could be a great year for Omaha!

January 5, 2010

One of my Highlights in 2009!

 B-day-cartoon fbg_f_v3_screen

Cartoon Credit goes to German Cartoonist - Aurel-Cartoon Studio; www.aurel-cartoons.de; aurel@aurel-cartoons.de. Presented to me in NYC, a gift from my 2 daughters! 

Below, you can catch me celebrating my new decade in TImes Square, (with exuberance, since I aged-up - woo-hoo!!!).  Triathlete's get it, right?  Among shows, wining and dining:  we took time to visit a Trek dealer; bike Central Park; look at the bike-friendly lanes in high traffic Manhattan!  Not bad for the busiest intersections in the U.S.  The T-shirt said that I was a "National Treasure" in the face of Miss Liberty (only your children would parade you around all day in this very special birthday get-up).  The t-shirt back was supposed to say "kiss me, it's my birthday", they settled on "make me smile..."  Boy, did I luck out; I also got lots of chuckles, so I smiled a lot!


December 30, 2009


My normal workout routine has been blown off course this vacation - in some unexpected ways. 

Expectedly, and as a bonus, on Christmas Eve, Chris was off work, so I took a dawn patrol ride with my friend, Jen.  We braved the cold (while we certainly do not have the weather most of the country is enjoying this time of year, 45 degrees is chilly when heading downhill), and rode some local hills.  It was a nice change to have a bike ride mid-week, which dark has prevented me from doing since October, and I was thankful to have my best riding buddy able to join me.

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November 30, 2009

Girly Girls

A couple of weekends ago, my daughter and I went outside to play around on our bikes.  Chris got some pictures.  And yes, that (7th one down) is a picture of me toppling the ramp and going over.  I saved it on the next one.  It was a great day!


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November 11, 2009

Ditto on Good Samaratans

Now that we're on a kick listing our best experiences with complete strangers I needed to add my 2 cents worth.  Where to start?  maybe with the fact that over about 10 years we have completed 4 or 5 delightful STP weekend rides- 200 miles in 2 days.  Mt. Rainer on your left, valleys and forests and the best rest stops and sag support you could ask for.  In fact SO good that a rider doesn't  even notice the horrendous traffic and dangerous intersections - that's because the communities and volunteers come together to support the ride; they divert traffic, close off intersections, have police officers directing traffic.  Riders are oblivious to the coordination it takes to move all those bikes and riders, 10,000 strong, from Seattle to Portland safely.   Since we had not been able to do this great ride for a few years - we decided "let's just go out and do that STP route on our own, unsupported". Bad plan!

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October 20, 2009

More honeymoon pics

Just like I promised, more pics of our honeymoon than you care to look at. The Top Fuel performed beautifully on the terrain. And while RF sustained a nasty knee wound, a broken saddle (inventively repaired using a rock) and a lost Garmin GPS, I got away with some bumps and scrapes. 

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October 13, 2009


A couple of months ago, I attended one of my favorite classes at the Y (Boot Camp).  It was a particularly brutal work out, which is saying a lot considering that the instructor, Rachel, loves challenging programs.  As we were finishing up our stretching, Rachel acknowledged the difficulty of the day's class and said, "Congratulations!  You are now more fit than when you woke up this morning."   

 Wow.  That quote has stuck with me, and encourages me every time I think about slacking off and ditching my exercise regime.  An hour's worth of time, one day at a time...getting more fit each time.  That's it.  So I go now to get my butt kicked in Rachel's spin class.  And I will be more fit when I return.  Very cool.

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