Trek Women
July 20, 2009

Where it ends...

Head shot I’ve been thinking about this blog for a couple of months now and I’ve had a hard time figuring out how to say goodbye to everyone who has been kind enough to read my stories over the last couple of years. So, first – THANK YOU. When all is written and done, you made this experience worth my while.


To my amazing family: my Mom, Jen, Becky, Steve, Paddy, Maddy, Katie, Aunt Beth, Pat and Phil D. – and my fabulous urban family: Russ, Wayne, Bill, Eric and the Siebers – THANK YOU for letting me write about your lives too (and post photos even when you thought you looked horrible in them). I love you with all of my heart.


I’ve never been good at ending things and right about now I wish I had some inspiring parting words of wisdom to leave behind; but I’m not much of a philosopher. Keep trying, keep exploring and be kind to yourself – that about sums me up.


And while my particular ride with Trek Women Who Ride is over – I know something else that is even more exciting, scary, illuminating, challenging and wonderful is waiting around the bend. Take care.


All my best,




May 12, 2009

Spinning thru Trek's web...

Swiss Trek Site Every once in a while, I take a spin through Trek's web site to see what's new and happening. I've been following the release of the sweet, new designs for Lance's, Levi's and Alberto's race bikes produced by the Project One team. I'm also a fan of the Document Trek. Unscripted two-minute film series, now up to episode 5 and I regularly catch up on the "King of the Mountain" and "Life in the Bike Lane" blogs.

But, the other day as I was clicking aimlessly, I realized at the bottom of the page, you could change your country and language. A whole 'nother world opened up!

On the french site - the FX series of bikes are led by the headline "Urbanité" (urbanity) and the french blog "Trek Backstage" has tons of cool photos and videos. On the Dutch site, there's a funky little news article about a new wax figure of Lance in Amsterdam's Madame Tussauds, dressed in Astana gear. It wasn't until I visited the Swedish site that I found out that the Equinox is now painted a screaming orange (my fav) and there's a grouping of commuter bikes called the Nordic Line. In Germany, there'll soon be a new Trek store in Munich.

It's fun to see what's out there and practice my language skills, which get a little rusty. Plus, it satisfies my wanderlust just a bit until I can see the real places in person once again. 

May 7, 2009

I'm gonna get a free t-shirt...

WABA bike day Who loves free stuff? I do!! I love free stuff almost as much as I love free breakfast. And I'll get some of both at DC's official Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 15th!

Are your calendars marked and tires pumped -- next week is National Bike to Work Week and there are events happening all over the place. You can see if your neck of the woods is having one here:

This will be my 3rd year participating in DC's Bike to Work Day and it's a lot of fun riding the streets with hundreds (thousands?) of other riders. There will be 26 pit stops in the area, where folks who are new to bike commuting can join a "convey" into the city. Plus, there's food, drinks, giveaways, raffles and the coveted 2009 Bike to Work Day tee.

Let's hope for fair weather since it's been raining every day here for over a week.

*Artwork is from DC Bike to Work Day poster

May 1, 2009

Why you drive through Switzerland...

Swiss Drive The views!

Until you come to a spot in the "highway" that is blocked by avalanche snow that still hasn't melted - realizing you are only 5 miles from where the road splits, then realizing you're going to have to drive 2 hours back from whence you came and and another 3 to detour thru alpine switchbacks in the dark to your destination with your best friends as company and strangely enough, a country-western music station on the radio.

April 28, 2009

Why you go to Germany...

Switzerland 018The guys and I fly in and out of Munich, Germany - a wonderful place and also notable for being the inaugural city for our annual New Year's Eve trips. I'd like to say that we went to Munich because the airfare was cheapest - it was a pretty good deal. But the real reason is probably in the photo.

Oooooh cheesey, gooey spaetzle with fried onions on top. It's the equivalent of homemade German mac 'n cheese. This is the first bowl full of goodness that we ate at 10:30 am after getting in to the city from the airport. Many more bowls followed over the course of the trip. Add a bier and you're in business!

April 27, 2009

My heart will go on...

Hi everybody, I had a great time in Switzerland with the guys and as usual I have a bad case of post-passport depression that I'm not sitting outside at a little Euro cafe having an afternoon weiss bier and maybe a wurst - instead of sorting thru 300+ emails clogging my inbox.

Switzerland 262But, while I catch up and get organized, I thought I'd share with you possibly one of the best trip photos I've ever taken. Russ, Wayne and I took a boat ride from Rapperswil, Switzerland to Zurich on Lake Zurich one afternoon and this fellow was standing like this on the first class upper deck for ages with his hair blowing in the breeze and contemplating something deep (my theory is his lost lady love). I kept waiting for him to thump his chest like Celine Dion and break into the Titanic theme song. He is the Swiss King of the World (or at the very least, Lake Zurich). Loved him!!!

April 13, 2009

Swiss Miss not instant cocoa...

Swiss miss 9 Here’s the thing… in the two years I’ve done this blog, Trek never updated my bio info. So I could look over to the side-bar and still pretend that I’m 38. But I’m not.  And in fact, in 7 days I’m going to turn a really, really, ugly number >gulp< 40. Agggghhhhhhh. Forty, how the hell did that happen?

Not that I ever need an excuse; but, if there was ever a time to go on a trip to forget the horror of 40 celebrate the next phase in my life – now would be it. On Wednesday, Russ, Wayne and I take off for …drum roll…


It was my pick to be a Swiss Miss for a week since I’ve never actually stopped in Switzerland, just been through it on a train. We’re renting a car and spending a week driving around with a little day detour to Lichtenstein cause it’s right there.  I can just imagine, the cheese, the chocolate, the Alps, the cheese… Switzerland is a little bit German, a little bit French and a little bit Italian – all my favorites in one country. While, I’m dreading my birthday, I can’t wait to get there!

I’ll tell you all about it when we come home on April 23.

***** Tuesday Update *****

Started packing my suitcase last night - still have no clue what to bring (except my favorite red heels, which I probably won't wear). It could be chilly, it could be warm, who knows??? Good thing I just bought a bigger suitcase.

This note is from my sister Becky, who always know the right thing to say...
"I've heard that 40 is the new 30. The women on the talk shows all say they came into their own in their 40s. My friend Kathy had a pig roast on her 40th birthday. I like how you're celebrating. Switzerland will be awesome. Have fun. Don't dwell on the number. It doesn't mean a thing. It's how you feel that counts."
Thanks Bec!

April 8, 2009

Sneeze and you'll miss them...

Cherry1 I snapped this photo of the cherry blossoms Friday morning on my commute to work. The blossoms are almost gone now -- all that's left is pink petal snow on the ground.

I call this path the gauntlet, because I try to get to the other side fast before getting besieged by pollen and sneezing my head off. But it sure is pretty.

April 6, 2009

Hi five...

Hi Roxanne, Caitlin, Rebecca, Amy and Mary - congratulations on being the new five to take over the handlebars as Trek's Women Who Ride!!!

I don't know anything about you... where you're from, what you like to ride, what you do... I don't know when you're going to start blogging or if I'll even get a chance to meet you - but, let me welcome you to the club!! You're in for quite a ride.

If you haven't seen it, here's a link to the announcement press release. To everyone who took the time out their busy lives to apply for this gig, THANK YOU. Since the release says there were four rounds of evaluation, that says to me you all must have sent in some pretty amazing stories.

On the flip side, I guess this means my blog clock is starting to wind down. I'm not sure what the timeline is - but I'll keep posting until I hear differently. :)

March 27, 2009

Take it outside...

Spring tree Ahhhh Spring. Achoooo! Not even the layer of cherry blossom pollen covering me from head to toe will keep me inside this weekend. Unless it rains, which will wash away the pollen and stop the sneezing. So, that wouldn’t be too bad. But I’d rather go outside.


I’m not the only one – my friend Nancy who works for Texas Parks and Wildlife sent me a link to this article from Southern Living Magazine “7 Reasons to Get Outdoors.” They are what you’d expect – increase energy, boost Vitamin D, reduce stress, family fun, burn calories, have fun and swap the gym for open air. The “have fun” reason talks about the carefree fun of biking and the photo shows a couple riding their Treks! Did you know, you can burn up to 30% more calories doing the same physical activities outdoors than in the gym? I didn’t.


Anyway, I got to thinking – what are the reasons I like play outside? Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:


1)       It smells better

2)       It’s free

3)       Tons of new activities to try and challenge myself

4)       Spend time with my friends

5)       People-watching (check out cute guys)

6)       It gets me away from refrigerator temptations

7)       I just feel better!


Why do you like to go outdoors?